March 11, 2022

How to use Overlay Ads to Make Money with Facebook Reels?

Facebook content creators can monetize their Reels using overlay ads.

Facebook Reels are the most popular and engaging content on Facebook. But till now, there was no way to monetize your Reels on Facebook.

How to use Overlay Ads to Make Money with Facebook Reels?: eAskme
How to use Overlay Ads to Make Money with Facebook Reels?: eAskme

On 22nd Feb 2022, Facebook has launched Overlay ads for Facebook Reel, giving you the ability to monetize your Reels and make money with Facebook.

Facebook is rolling out Reels monetization. Soon overlay ads will be available in every country where Facebook in-stream ad program is available.

Today you will learn Overlay Ads in Reels and how to monetize your Facebook Reels.

Overlay Ads for Facebook Reels:

Facebook is already testing two types of overlay ads, such as:
  • Banner Ads
  • Sticker Ads

You will see these overlay ad formats on your Facebook reels in a transparent design.

Overlay Ads In Facebook Reels: eAskme


The transparent design of overlay ads ensures that viewers will not have an annoying experience.

The placement of overlay ads can change depending on their format.

The banner ad will display at the bottom of your Facebook Reels.

Sticker ads allow creators to choose the ad placement.

Who is Eligible to Monetize Facebook Reels with Overlay Ads?

You can test the eligibility for monetizing Facebook reels with Overlay Ads.

If you are already using in-stream ads, you will automatically be eligible for Overlay ads.

To check your eligibility, you can visit here.

Facebook will launch more ways for content creators to monetize their Facebook content.

How to use Overlay Ads?

You can use overlay ads depending upon the following factors:

  • Advertiser target settings.
  • Value of the ad

You can also opt out of banner ads.

How to add sticker ads to Facebook reels?

  • Go to “Stickers”
  • Click on “Add.”
  • Click on “Add Sticker ad.”
  • Set the sticker ad position.

Overlay ads will not show in every video; they will only display on eligible videos.


Facebook has announced that it will be investing $1 billion for content creators.

Overlay ads are suitable for monetizing Facebook Reels and earning some money.

Facebook Watch, Facebook Reels, or other content on Facebook takes time and money.

Using ad monetization programs like Overlay ads can earn money for your content.

You need to make sure that your content follows Meta guidelines.

You can also monetize Reels using the Reels Play bonus program.

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