May 09, 2023

How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know

By Sona Mathews

Have you ever used Facebook ads? Do you know how to run ad campaigns on Facebook? Or Do you know how Facebook ads work?

If your target audience is on Facebook, you must use Facebook ads to market your brand, products, or services.

How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme
How Facebook Ads Work: Everything that You Must Know: eAskme

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And, to market on Facebook, you need to run Facebook ads.

Therefore you must learn how Facebook ads work. Also, learn why many people struggle with Facebook ads and what you should do better.

In recent times, Facebook has faced lawsuits against reach metrics.

As a result, Facebook has launched a personalized ad campaign to fight against Apple’s App Tracking transparency. But it is not going as the brand has expected.

Yet, Facebook ads work for everyone. But only when you know how to utilize them.

Facebook has launched a report about data that Facebook collects, conversion API, and exclusion controls to display that they are still worthy.

It is necessary to learn how Facebook ads work, the different types of Facebook ads, why you should use Facebook ads, and How to start with a Facebook ad campaign.

Do Facebook Ads Work?


And I have the proof.

An app has generated 7044 installs by spending $9821 on Facebook ads.

BionicGym recorded 9times more ROI with Facebook Ads.

But there is a but.

Facebook ads only when if you are targeting the right audience.

You need to understand if the Facebook ads are worthy or a waste of time for your business.

If you are new to Facebook ads and running a small business, start a Facebook ad campaign with a $5-$50 daily budget.

Understand Facebook Ad Algorithm:

In the beginning, the Facebook ad algorithm was all about the auction and highest bid.

Later in 2018, Marc Zuckerberg has adopted a meaningful interactions approach for the Facebook ads system.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Meaningful Interactions for Facebook Ads: eAskme

This was the time when Facebook became more about user experience.

Facebook ad auction is based on:
  • Ad rank
  • Advertise Bid
  • Action rate.
  • Quality and relevancy.

Till now, no one can tell how the Facebook ad algorithm works.

But we have something for you.

Here is what Eric Sodomka, a Facebook research scientist, has said about how Facebook ad algorithm works.

Eric has told us how Facebook content evaluation work.

boosted-decision-tree: eAskme


The left side user can click on an ad. Only the specific user will click the ad on the right side.

This Facebook ad prediction structure displays how users will respond to ads.

But this is not the only way.

Facebook test multiple models to determine user behaviour.

If you want to dig deeper, then you should take the help of this research paper created by Joaquin Quinonero Candela.

What are The different types of Ads:

There are six major types of Facebook ad formats you can use.

Image Ads:

  • Size: 30MD
  • Type: PNG/JPG
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

You can use images or creative visuals as Facebook ad images.

How to optimize Facebook image ads:

  • Display product in use by customers
  • Less is more. Don’t use text in images.
  • Pick a theme and stay consistent.
  • Use HD images.

Video Ads:

  • Size: Up-to 4Gb
  • Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Duration: Up to 241 Minutes
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

Facebook video ads work best in educating the target audience about the product launch, event, service, important updates, latest technologies, benefits, etc.

These video ads will display in stories, feed and stream.

You can also use a slideshow.

How to Optimize Facebook Video Ads:

  • Educate people.
  • Display pros-cons of products and services.
  • Storytelling
  • Use 15 seconds clips.
  • Deliver one message per video.

Carousel Ads:

  • Image Size: Up-to 30MB
  • Video Size: Up-to 4GB
  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Cards: Up-to 10
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

You can add up to 10 images or video in Facebook Carousel ads. Also, put a different link on each image.

How to Optimize Facebook Carousel ads:

  • Display different product in each image.
  • Storytelling
  • Display step-by-step process.

Instant Experience Ads:

  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Number of images: Up to 20 images
  • Resolution: 1080X1920 P

Instant experience ads work with Collection ads. You can display the products catalogue.

How to optimize Facebook Instant Experience ads:

  • Don’t’ autopay all the video at the same time.
  • Don’t use Captions.
  • Add Call-to-Action.

Collection Ads:

  • Image Type: PNG/JPG
  • Video Type: Gif, MOV, MP4
  • Image Size: Up to 30MB
  • Video Size: Up-to 4GB
  • Resolution: 1080X1080 P

Use Facebook collection ads with experience ads.

How to optimize Facebook Collection Ads:

  • Allow Facebook to Choose products dynamically.
  • Pair 4 products.
  • Use URL parameter.

Remember: Choose the right ad objective for better results.

How to Create an ad on Facebook:

Now, you should learn the step-by-step process to create Facebook ads in your Facebook ads manager.
Go to Facebook ads manager.

Select Campaign objective:

Create Facebook Ad Campaign: eAskme

Set Name for your campaign and choose objective.

choose-Facebook-ad-campaign-objective: eAskme

Fill Facebook Ad Campaign Details

Fill Facebook Ad Campaign Details: eAskme

Understand these:

Special ad categories:

Choose Special Ad Categories if your ad is about politics, social issues, employment, credit card, house, elections, etc.

Campaign Spending limit:

Your Campaign spending limit will stop your ads once you reach the limit.

A/B tests:

You can test ads campaigns by changing creatives, placements and audience targeting.

Budget optimization:

Facebook campaign budget optimization let you set the campaign budget.

Add Budget, Audience, Schedule and delivery:

facebook-ad-set-name: eAskme

Choose budget and schedule:


Facebook Ad Campaign Choose budget and schedule:: eAskme

Audience creation

Create New Audience for Facebook ad campaign: eAskme

Placements, optimization, and delivery

Facebook ad placements, optimization, and delivery: eAskme

Choose Ad format:

Facebook ad campaign ad-set-up: eAskme

Upload content:

Facebook-ad-campaign-ad-creative: eAskme

Choose Language

Choose Facebook Ad Campaign language: eAskme

Setup URL parameters and tracking:

Setup Facebook ad URL parameters and tracking: eAskme


Apple's privacy ideology and growing number of lawsuits has forced Facebook to look for new ways to generate revenue.

Facebook has been testing group ads since 2019.

It will be good to see what more Facebook will do or launch for Facebook Business ads.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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