January 03, 2022

How Meta has Changed Facebook Ads Targeting in 2022

Meta is removing the Facebook ads audience targeting from four ad categories on January 19 2022.

Meta is making many changes in Facebook, and audience targeting is their first.

How Meta has Changed Facebook Ads Targeting in 2022: eAskme
How Meta has Changed Facebook Ads Targeting in 2022: eAskme

On January 19, 2022, Meta will finally change audience targeting in Facebook ad campaigns.

Meta is making this change under the pressure that wants the social media site to scale back targeting options.

Change in Facebook Audience Targeting option will start a trend that will make social media networks use fewer user data.

High-quality audience targeting on Facebook has alarmed governments about the use of user data and user identity.

Therefore, Facebook is limiting targeting options in Facebook ads.

What is changing in Facebook Ads targeting options?

Facebook is removing Facebook ad targeting options for 4 categories such as;

  1. Health Causes
  2. Political and social ads
  3. Religious groups and practices
  4. Sexual orientation

Meta has shared the document stating that ads can still deliver impacted audiences till March 2022.

These changes will impact the audience.

You need to edit your ad before March 17 to follow the Facebook ad standards.

How will Facebook Ad targeting Change impact advertisers?

Meta is under maximum pressure as Facebook is the biggest social media network with maximum advertisers.

Limiting ad targeting will surely impact advertisers running ads in impact categories.

With limited targeting, it can expand the budget and lower the chances to reach the target audience.

It is also possible that Facebook will also scale back ad targeting options on other categories in the coming days.

Meta is responding to their advertising platform's data privacy concerns, and advertisers should comply with their policies.


Change in Facebook ad targeting for four categories is just the beginning.

Meta will make many changes in 2022 and the coming years to ensure that they listen to the customer's feedback first.

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