February 14, 2022

YouTube Introducing More Ways to Make Money for Creators

YouTube creators can not only make money online with Adsense, but they are going to find more ways to earn more money with YouTube.

YouTube has decided to monetize different content options or videos formats.

YouTube Introducing More Ways to Make Money for Creators: eAskme
YouTube Introducing More Ways to Make Money for Creators: eAskme

Neal Mohan has shared the focus of YouTube is to create new ways for Creators to monetize videos, shorts, and live streams.

YouTube Roadmap 2022 report shows the details of the new YouTube experience and features.

Here is what you must know about what YouTube will offer its viewers and creators.

New YouTube Monetization Ways for YouTube Content Creators:

YouTube Shorts:

If you are on YouTube, you may have already seen YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts Fund is how you can earn money with YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts Fund is open for every YouTube creator.

Even if you cannot monetize YouTube videos, you can still use Shorts Fund to earn money from YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Funds will not be the only way you can monetize YouTube shorts. YouTube is planning to launch more ways for Shorts monetization.

  • BrandConnect is the way how YouTube will allow creators to make branded shorts.
  • Super Chats is also part of YouTube Livestreams, which will come to YouTube Shorts. Viewers can purchase messages..
  • YouTube will also test YouTube Shopping for users.

YouTube Live:

YouTube content creators will also make money with live streaming.

You can purchase channel membership for other live stream viewers on YouTube.

You will find the feature quite like how people on Twitch gift subscriptions.

YouTube is already testing Gifted Channel Memberships with limited channels.


NFTs and Blockchains will also be part of YouTube Monetization.

YouTube is still considering every possible opportunity in this area.

Other Important Features for YouTube Content Creators:


Like Instagram video remixes, you can also remix audios from videos on YouTube.

It is a new way to add more remix content to YouTube using editing tools, videos, effects, etc.

Reply with Shorts:

Like TikTok replies, you can use YouTube Shorts to reply to comments.

Livestream Collaboration:

YouTube plans to launch a feature that allows multiple creators to go on Livestream together.

YouTube Studio:

YouTube Studio’s insight will use data from Google and YouTube to help creators plan their following videos.


Facebook is not the only big name in Metaverse; YouTube creates metaverse for its users. In YouTube Metaverse, you will experience everything in virtual reality.

Set YouTube Channel Guidelines:

YouTube is testing the ability to set channel guidelines for subscribers and viewers.


YouTube is going bigger not only in terms of users but also in terms of technology.

New and upcoming YouTube updates will focus more on helping creators boost user engagement, control their channel and audience, experience metaverse, and find more ways to monetize YouTube channels or videos.

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