March 14, 2022

Twitter is Testing Alt Text and Image Descriptions

By Sona Mathews

Twitter is reportedly testing features like ALT text and exposed image descriptions on mobile and desktop to improve image accessibility.

And, it is time to know more about these features.

Twitter is Testing Alt Text and Image Descriptions: eAskme
Twitter is Testing Alt Text and Image Descriptions: eAskme

Twitter Accessibility has tweeted about the testing of these two features. Twitter is testing new image accessibility features with 3% users only across web browsers, Android, and iOS devices.

It is said that Twitter will roll out new features in April 2022.

Here is everything you should know about ALT badges, descriptive text, and image descriptions for images on Twitter.

Alt badge for Images on Twitter:

Users will see ALT badges on the images with ALT text or image descriptions added to them.

Twitter ALT text: eAskme

It shows that there is more descriptive text available on the images.

Twitter users can click the ALT badge to view the complete image alt description.

Twitter has said that image descriptions will allow people with low vision or no vision or low bandwidth to contribute to the Twitter experience.

Knowing how to add image descriptions to your Twitter images is necessary. Right now, you can use ad image descriptions manually, but later Twitter will start reminding people to do that.

How to Add Image Description to Twitter Images?

  • Go to Twitter.
  • Upload image
  • Click on “Add a description.”
  • Write a description for the Twitter image.
  • Click on “Save.”
  • Publish tweet.

Now the tweet will display with the Alt badge on the image.

You can write up to 1000 words of Twitter image description.

You can add more than one image to your tweet and use a unique description for each image.

Twitter is still testing this feature, and it will launch in April 2022.


Twitter is launching new updates and features to make Twitter user-friendly and more engaging than ever.

In the coming days, you will see features that will help user monetize their Twitter followers, boost traffic and gain more engagement on Twitter.

It is interesting to see how people will react to this.

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