November 14, 2016

Start Your Own eCommerce Website with WordPress Using WP E-Commerce Plugin

If you may ask me which is the most popular CMS widely recommended for blogging? My answer is WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS which is not only popular among bloggers but also among web designers. It is one of the most extensive platform. WordPress is even popular among e-commerce website designers.

If you are also one of those who believes that starting an eCommerce site is very difficult and require huge investment to setup a shopping website and online shopping cart, than you are wrong. If

you are one of those who do not need to invest too much and still want to create an online eCommerce site than WordPress is for you. WordPress even allows you to give your eCommerce website rocking style and boost it with awesome plugins.

WP E-Commerce – Start Your Own eCommerce Business with WordPress : eAskme
Start eCommerce website WordPress eCommerce Plugin : eAskme
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Now you may ask that which is the best and most popular plugin to start eCommerce website on WordPress, my answer is Wp e-Commerce plugin.

Wp e-Commerce plugin is a free yet very powerful plugin which offers community support for all.

Today I am sharing a guide to start an eCommerce business with WordPress using Wp e-Commerce plugin. You will learn how to start WordPress eCommerce site.

Before You Start

To start an eCommerce site, you need to buy web hosting and domain to start a WordPress website. I do not recommend you to go to free WordPress hosting providers.

After creating a website on WordPress platform, it is the time to do some serious job. Now you need WP eCommerce plugin to treat all posts as item page. Now first you should delete all pages and posts. Also setup some categories such as "Mobiles or LED TVs".

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Tweaking your WordPress Settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Check "Anyone can register"
  • Now go to Settings
  • Click on Permalink
  • change the permalink structure to Custom
  • Enter /%postname%/ in text box.
  • Now again go to Settings
  • Go to Discussions
  • Uncheck remaining boxes
  • Save Settings.
  • Follow essential starting WordPress setup steps.

How to setup and install WP E-Commerce Plugin:

Now let`s start Wp e-Commerce plugin installation. You can read here easily install a WordPress plugin.
  • Now go to Plugins
  • Click on Add New
  • Search for WP e-commerce plugin
  • Click install button.
  • Now activate the plugin.

There is product menu in dashboard and store option in settings of your WordPress dashboard. You can add new items using product menu.
  • Go to Product menu
  • Add new items
  • Go to Settings
  • Make settings

More Tweaking

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Reading
  • Select Static page under Front page.
  • Choose the Products Page as front page.

Now customers will see a default page.

Customize Settings for WP e-Commerce Plugin

General Settings

  • Choose Base Country/Region.
  • Choose markets.
  • Set the amount of time.
  • Choose Currency Type & Currency Sign
  • Update

Presentation Settings

  • Choose Add to Cart Button Type.
  • Buy now restrictions.
  • Alert Notice given on page.
  • Enable or disable options related to presentation.
  • Set "Display Per Item Shipping" option.
  • Go to Shopping Cart Settings
  • Select Widget as Cart Location.
  • Enable “+Postage & Tax”
  • Go to Grid view
  • Select Display Description
  • Display “Add to Cart” Button
  • Display “More Details” Button options.
  • Now set the product image.
  • Update

Admin Settings

  • Go to Purchase Log Email & Purchase Receipt
  • Enter your email address in Reply Address.
  • In Reply Name enter name of the company.
  • Enter Terms & Conditions.
  • Edit the Purchase Receipt & Admin Report formats.
  • Update

Taxes Settings

Define TAX rules here.

Shipping Settings

  • Enable or disable Shipping option
  • You can even enable Free Shipping Discount.

Payments Settings

Define Payment Gateways. You can use PayPal Payments Standard 2.0.

Marketing Settings

Use them to make your eCommerce site popular on social networking sites.

Checkout Settings

  • Enable Must register before checkout option
  • Enable shipping same as Billing address
  • Enable SSL
  • Define Customer’s checkout form
  • Now update
That`s it.

Now your eCommerce site is ready. Now install an attractive WordPress theme and start populating your site with products. Now, you can sell product using WordPress powered e-Commerce website. Always choose a theme which is attractive and also easy to navigate.

If you still have any question about how to start your own eCommerce business with WordPress using Wp e-Commerce plugin or any other question, feel free to ask via comments. Don`t forget to share what you like.
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