May 19, 2022

How to Bet on MMA Fights Properly?

Mixed martial arts is the most ground-breaking sport today.

Along with the growing popularity of MMA, betting on this sport is also becoming popular.

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How to Bet on MMA Fights Properly?: eAskme
How to Bet on MMA Fights Properly?: eAskme

Here you can find the best sports coverage and many useful tips for successful betting.

Making a bet on MMA is not difficult if the bettor is familiar with betting on boxing. But in mixed martial arts, some moments make the sport stand out.

Namely, the following fight betting markets:

  • The winner of the bout;
  • The strongest in a single round;
  • The number of rounds;
  • Method of victory;
  • Combined outcome.

Bettors don't hesitate to bet on the total under in the battle between the two punchers.

If two wrestlers meet in the bout, there is a great chance of a long-lasting fight. Hence it is logical to bet on the total over.

Usually, the bookmaker counts in the T/U & T/O  only those fully completed rounds. But the companies' policy on this issue is different.

Victory method:

fighters win in different ways: knockout, refereeing decision, technical knockout, or opponent submission.

This market implies that the player will guess the variant of victory of one of the fighters.

Combined outcome:

he bettor is offered to bet on MMA as a combination of outcomes. For example, the victory of the first fighter by knockout in the first round. Such options have high odds.

What kind of MMA bets is worth considering?

Thanks to the excellent work of the UFC and Bellator, most bookmakers now offer markets that include all fights.

It's easy to get lost in this variety, so it's important to approach your betting choices wisely.

Before selecting a particular bet, conduct a thorough analysis of the fighters' levels, techniques, and skills.

Sometimes it is not enough to predict a short fight between two punchers or a long battle of masters of fighting. So how to choose the right bet on MMA?

Who to bet on in MMA?

Betting on a knockout fighter.

In MMA betting, the bottom line matters, not the winning outcomes. The profitable ones include betting on knockout punchers.

With this strategy, the bettor bets on the knockout fighter. Yes, in this case, the odds will rarely exceed 1.25-1.5. This strategy will be profitable down the road.

For example, the fights between Conor McGregor and Francis Ngannou. Both fighters prefer to damage the opponent from the first seconds of the fight with their striking technique and end the fight early.

Betting on the fighter:

Bouts involving professional wrestlers are protracted. Fights of strikers seldom cover all rounds, so it is logical to bet on total under in such fights.

An example of a fighter is Khabib Nurmagomedov, who finds mostly on the ground, where he finds an advantage over his opponent.

In cases with professional wrestlers, we should consider an option of T/U and victory by pain or suffocation holds.

Betting on a versatile and all-around fighter:

In the UFC, it's hard to find a universal fighter who is equally confident in both standup and grappling.

If you are lucky enough to witness a fight with such a unicum, it is safe to bet on his victory.

Betting on the underdog:

A separate column of betting on MMA is betting on underdogs, athletes with lesser chances to win.

Professionals manage to win in this market, but the strategy involves subtleties.

Near underdog:

Close in strength to the favorite, it's an unobvious underdog.

The odds for such fighters are usually a bit higher than the odds for the favorite (2.15-2.2);

A weak underdog:

Odds for such a fighter's victory are slightly above the three, but the probability of his loss is quite high;

Heavy underdog:

a clear underdog. Bookmaker offers to bet on his victory with very high odds, from 4.

A heavy underdog can win the fight, either utilizing an obvious opponent's mistakes or aiming for a lucky punch.

Two punchers:

A pretty risky option for MMA betting. There is always a chance of a sensation in fights between a favorite and an outsider.

A prime example is the first fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. Nate accepted an offer to fight the promotion's top star on short notice.

In the first round, the fight could have ended when Conor dominated his opponent in the standup, inflicting significant damage on him.

But Diaz was able to hold out, and in the second round, he sensationally won by chokehold.

Two fighters:

It's better not to bet on such fights. A fighter with a good striking technique is unlikely to leave his opponent a chance to win;

Newbie vs. favorite:

Bookmakers often make a loss when they bet on the clear favorite in a fight against a beginner.

And bettors do not shy away from betting a few hundred on the newcomer of the promotion, who is eager to show his best qualities in the first fight. Such fights often end in sensations.

An example of an underdog fighter is Alexey Oleynik of Russia.

At UFC 249, in his fight against Fabricio Werdum, Oleynik was seen as a weak underdog — they offered odds of 3.5 to win. Alexey managed to impose a fight on the Brazilian and won by a split decision.

What to pay attention to when betting on MMA and UFC?

Knowing the nuances of the fighters' preparation before the fight can help bettors.

Athletes are watched during training or sparring; there is constant news from the fighters' camp.

Bettors analyze how an athlete is preparing for a particular opponent. Information on which bettors earn.

When analyzing a fighter's preparation, they consider the level of sparring partners.

Often a fighter chooses to train top athletes from another discipline (wrestling or judo).

Professional mixed martial arts experts study aspects of training:

The distance a fighter will travel to the right location and the elevation of the fight venue.

This does not often condition the course of the fight, but sometimes it does.

The conditions and altitude of each location affect endurance and determine the fighters' rate of physical exhaustion.

Consider also the weight the fighter made before the fight.

A heavy lifter achieves the right numbers on the weights to confront a lightweight opponent, exposing the body to exhaustion.

This factor often plays against him in the octagon.


There are a lot of strategies for betting on MMA and UFC.

No recipe would unambiguously bring the bettor a plus in the long run.

It is important to analyze the fight competently and play carefully.


Is it challenging to bet on MMA fights?

No, it's not an uphill task. You need to follow your favorite fighters and trust your gut feeling.

Who is the best MMA fighter?

Jon Jones is considered one of the best fighters of all time. Multiple-time UFC lightweight champion is basking in his glory.

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