May 19, 2022

5 Ways Gamification Can Improve Learning

Usage of the novel frameworks in learning is essential.

The world is getting progressively more complex. Thus, teaching about it is not easy.

Old methods are often showing rather substandard results. They can serve as an impediment to relevant education progress.

5 Ways Gamification Can Improve Learning: eAskme
5 Ways Gamification Can Improve Learning: eAskme

Therefore, the goal of any individual who seeks large-scale achievements in terms of education is to invest their time and effort into innovations.

In this regard, a potent option stems from the usage of gamification.

This article will answer the following questions: What is gamification in education? and What are its benefits?

 Using this article, you'll be able to make your judgment on utilizing the methodology.

What is gamification?

Gamification involves the insertion of game elements into learning.

What do we mean by that?

For example, you can add video-game-like achievements to your model of learning. Many other models exist too.

For example, the rather simple decision to add several tiers of assessment for various elements of a task already represents some form of gamification.

You create conditions that, after getting fulfilled, grant the 'players' a positive score.

Gamification doesn't just take up the scoring issues. It also touches upon the ability to implement game-like elements into everyday interactions.

If you adapt a board game to learning, this approach would already be gamification.

Benefits of Gamification In The Classroom:

The benefits of gamification are rather diverse today.

Let's take a look at all of them:

It improves student motivation: many students like novelty and games.

Adding both elements is a great idea as they can grasp their attention.

If you have a class of disinterested people in learning, trying the gamification approaches is a great idea.

This approach also works quite well in case of high motivation. It can raise excitement and improve the learner's loyalty even further.

It improves your motivation, too:

If you're a teacher, gamification can be a powerful way to avoid problems with your motivation.

Constant teaching, just like any work, usually results in problems with the motivation levels.

You feel tired and burnt out.

Changes of the presented kind help to transform something in your life.

You get a chance to move towards something new and, thus, get the necessary boost in terms of endorphins.

It reduces the stress:

Gamification can remove some traditional assessment elements, such as scores, or make everyday actions less tedious.

As a result, a stress reduction becomes more or less inevitable.

Students may feel that the school environment doesn't affect them as negatively as before.

Consequently, productivity rises.

It gives more space for competition:

Games are often about confrontations.

In this way, you can get into a space where individuals would feel that they're interested in going against others.

Usually, such an arrangement is bad for group cohesion.

Games, however, channel aggression and make it productive.

It gives more space for creativity: games are also about finding non-conventional solutions.

For example, an essay competition can push many people to deliver something that truly helps present their true vision.

Thus, gamification is a great way to push students towards presenting something truly valuable.


This information shows that you should try to add gamification elements into your classroom experience as much as possible.

Games often get the attention of humans.

Education, in turn, is far from being popular.

Therefore, if you add the former element to the latter, you get a chance to improve motivation.

If you need any advice on the topic, addressing the specialists is the best option.

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