May 12, 2022

YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels

YouTube Live Redirect is the new feature that allows streamers to redirect viewers to other YouTube lives.

YouTube cross-channel live redirect is available for live streamers, and they can send live viewers to other YouTube channels.

YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels: eAskme
YouTube Live Streams can Redirect Viewers to Other Channels: eAskme

The Live directs feature is new for YouTube. This feature looks like Twitch Raids. The Twitch stream feature allows the creator to send viewers to another stream when his stream ends.

But on YouTube, you will have more protection from streamers.

Here is everything you must know about YouTube Cross-Channel Live redirects.

What is YouTube Cross-Channel Live redirect?

As the name suggests, YouTube Live redirects allow the streamer to send the audience to another channel after his stream ends.

For example, if you are running a live stream, you want to send the audience to your friend’s channel to help him grow at the end of your stream.

After your stream ends, YouTube Autoplay will send the audience to another stream.

It is also helpful for YouTube as people will explore new channels and spend more time watching live streams on YouTube.

Your channel must have 1000+ subscribers to use live redirects. Also, you need approval from other channels before you send your audience.

Other channels can also send their audience to your live if you approve.

How to Enable YouTube Live Redirects?

  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on the “Community” tab.
  • Go to “Love Redirects” and enter the channels you want to allow.
  • Click on “Save.”

How to Redirect Live YouTube Viewers?

You can even set up live redirect from YouTube’s Live Control Room.

  • Go to “Edit”
  • Click on “Customization.”
  • Go to “Redirect” and click on “Add.”
  • Select streams.

After finishing your live stream, you will see a notification showing that your audience is redirected to another stream.

Viewers with the autoplay feature will redirect to another live stream.

Viewers will see a popup asking them if they want to be redirected.

Every eligible YouTube video creator can access the Live redirect feature.


YouTube’s Live redirect is surely an important feature for YouTube as it will make sure that people will spend more time on the platform.

For creators, it will help if they want to grow other channels with similar content.

How your audience will react to the live redirect feature is still the question.

Let’s see if your audience likes it when you redirect them to other channels or will they opt not to be redirected.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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