May 17, 2022

YouTube Super Thanks is now Available for All Monetized Channels

YouTube Partners can now use Super Thanks on their videos to boost their YouTube earnings.

Super Thanks is a new way to monetize your YouTube Videos. Eligible creators can now make money from viewers.

YouTube Super Thanks is now Available for All Monetized Channels: eAskme
YouTube Super Thanks is now Available for All Monetized Channels: eAskme

YouTube has already tested Super Thanks, and now all monetized channels are eligible for the Super Thanks feature.

YouTube Thanks, also known as Viewer Applause, is a way to let your viewers support your content and channel.

You need to activate YouTube Super Thanks to earning revenue from your videos.

Your subscribers or viewers can buy Super Thanks to helping you earn more.

After purchasing Super Thanks, viewers can post colorful messages in the comments.

Here is everything that you must know about YouTube Super Thanks.

What is YouTube Super Thanks?

YouTube’s Super Thanks feature allows viewers to support your channel or videos by purchasing Super Thanks.

After clicking the “Thanks” button, viewers can send a personalized message or buy animation to send in comments.

Viewers can pay as much as they want for Super Thanks. Creator will get 70% share, and 30% share will go to YouTube.

Who is Eligible for Super Thanks?

The YouTube Super Thanks feature is available on all the eligible channels for YouTube Partner Program.

If you have already monetized your channel with YouTube ads, you are also eligible to use Super Thanks.

How to Activate Super Thanks on Your Videos?

  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • Select “Monetization”
  • Click on the “Supers” tab and go to “Super Thanks.”
  • Turn it on.
  • Now Super Thanks will appear on your YouTube videos.

How to Moderate Super Thanks Comments?

Go to YouTube Studio to moderate or manage Super Thanks comments.

You can filter the comments to like, reply, or delete super thanks comments.

How to View Super Thanks Earning on YouTube?

  • Go to your YouTube Channel Analytics.
  • Select “Revenue.”
  • Go to “Transaction Revenue.”
  • Now, you will see your YouTube Super Thanks earning.


YouTube Super Thanks is now available for every content creator who has monetized his channel.

It is easy to activate Super Thanks on YouTube videos and monetize your content.

But, you can only make enough money if you have a really good influence on your viewers or subscribers.

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