June 20, 2022

How to Develop and Test a Minimum Viable Product App?

Eric Ries is accredited with creating the market's Minimum Viable Product or MVP thought methodology.

The concept is led by market individuals related to introducing a new product to the intended customers.

How to Develop And Test a Minimum Viable Product App?: eAskme
How to Develop And Test a Minimum Viable Product App?: eAskme

MVP app development hypothesizes whether the features proposed by the developers are welcomed by the user/customer too.

Creating the MVP app:

What are the uses of the MVP app?

The first step involves identifying the mismatch between the consumer's demand and the supplier. Market gaps are yet to be filled, whether a product or a service.

Therefore, the MVP app requires you to define the path. You will feel highly motivated once the genius idea surfaces.

However, there is the risk that the proposed idea is impractical or lacks demand in the market. Thus, we suggest using the MVP application to resolve existing issues.

You can opt for real-life solutions that the users or customers wish to be eliminated. It will help the MVP app establish its name in the market.

Who will use the MVP app?

After you have discovered its use, identify who will be using it.

Targeting every user and multiple age groups makes the company less focused on the business world.

You cannot impose the application use on everyone.

However, you can choose a specific category of users.

The concept is known as client segmentation based on gender or age group.

To appeal to the reader, define parameters such as

  • The level of earning
  • Family members
  • Life fears
  • Life goals and aims
  • Industry/ profession
  • Academic level
  • And age

Better understanding the potential user makes molding the MVP app to their use easier and fulfilling future expectations.

Decide on the features:

Innovative features will attract the users to the MVP app and encourage them to use it.

Therefore, the application must host unheard-of user-friendly features to make it stand out among the competitors.

However, the elements strongly correlate with the testing phase, which we will discuss later.

To prevent burdening the MVP application, think of the minimum it must feature to add value to the services offered.

Remember to not go overboard with the features, as that may confuse the user against the primary use of the MVP app.

If you want the MVP application to be successful, establish its use in the initial product development phase.

The proposed ideas or features must resolve existing challenges as in step 1.

Furthermore, the MVP must not ignore the smooth user experience through its value-addition features.

Build the app:

With the features decided, it is time to create the application.

The app does not need to be perfect. However, it needs to reach the user-end with minimum risk in the shortest time possible.

In other words, the customer must begin using the app as soon as possible.

The feedback will convey whether the MVP design is successful or not.

The phase is tricky as many consider it a waste of time and resources.

However, it indicates properly allotting resources, so the MVP app becomes successful by removing imperfections.

With bug reports, there is a greater opportunity for users to interact with the MVP and appreciate the application.

Testing the MVP app:

After you have employed the steps mentioned above in extensive detail, it is time to assess whether or not the MVP app is viable.

The feedback guides the MVP app's future, assessment, and next steps. Undoubtedly, you must consider customer feedback very seriously.


The concept of a crowdsourcing campaign is usually associated with collecting investment.

However, it is perfectly employable in MVP testing too.

At the beginning of such a campaign, the MVP developers will meet with the intended user to present their ideas using presentation and proven data.

If the users are attracted to the idea, they invest in it.

However, the argument must be convincing enough to appeal to the investors.

Since they are the supporters today, they will interact with the app as buyers tomorrow.

The investment will convey the MVP's potential success.

Use ad campaign:

An MVP app development ad campaign works similarly to social media or landing pages.

However, the results derived from ad campaigning are layered and extensive.

As a result, the developers can understand the intended buyer in great detail.

Once studied, the developers alter the MVP uses as the customer data is provided in real-time.

Furthermore, ad campaigns can be filtered on different criteria such as location, age, use group, and interests.

Resultantly, you can market the MVP differently to each segment. Afterward, analyze which measure was most responsive and go from there.

It will provide insight into which customers value the MVP app the most.

Customer feedback:

Of course, the most specific parameter to test the MVP app is customer interviews.

To receive unbiased feedback, begin asking the potential users open-ended questions.

You must not:

  • Limit their responses such as talking over them
  • Encourage brutally honest feedback

However, you must have the relevant experience to supervise such interviews for reliable results.

The interviewer can ask the potential users to list the features and drawbacks of the MVP app.

Moreover, they can ask for proposed features or solutions to enhance the user experience.

As a result, you can mold the MVP app to its cohesive final version.

Landing page:

Lastly, you cannot go wrong with landing pages to assess whether or not the MVP app will do well.

A landing page provides insight into the likes and dislikes of the target user.

Moreover, it will also help identify which age group and buyers are interested in using the application.

These two components are crucial for MVP app success.

Many entrepreneurs take landing pages lightly.

However, you are not one of them.

As a modern MVP app designer, upload different versions of the MVP page to receive customer insight.

Later, use Google Analytics to collect the traffic and interactive data and employ it for the MVP app gain.

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