June 10, 2022

Tips to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency!

By Sona Mathews

Solar panels do not act equally under all conditions, but you can always take proactive steps to improve the overall efficiency and output of your solar system layout or collection.

If you are thoughtful, then you should perform a few simple steps, and they can ensure you are getting the utmost return from your solar investment.

Tips to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency!: eAskme
Tips to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency!: eAskme

From positioning an on-grid solar system for optimal power-producing to applying for utility rebates and green energy grants, the following tips can maximize your solar panels' output and enhance your energy savings.

Remove Shade:

Solar panels are specifically designed to work best in direct sunlight. If any tree or another building blocks out the Sun, the output of your panels could be dramatically reduced.

If you hear the professionals, shade is most harmful to solar panels using a string type of inverter that restricts the array's output to the intensity of the frailest panel.

Even if only a smidgen area of your solar panels is shaded, the whole installation's output could get corrected back.

It would be nice to trim or remove trees around your solar panels.

However, in case the trees cannot get removed or shade is getting cast by a part of the building, it would be nice to use a micro inverter or power optimizer inverter that would maximize output from the unshaded areas of the array.

Face the direct Sun:

Solar panels generate all their highest output when directly facing or seeing the Sun.

Experts say that solar panels facing due south will get the most direct sunlight across the day and the highest possible output.

A more westerly orientation generates more power in the afternoon and in the time of early evening.

The orientation for your solar panels relies heavily on how and when you use electricity and how your power is costed.

South-facing panels could be perfect when a utility has 1:1 net metering. It is the practice of the utility to offer complete-price billing credits for massive power generated by a customer's solar grid.

Producing the most power possible, no matter the time of any day, is the aim.

Once you do the right thing right, you can be sure that you produce the maximum possible energy out of your solar panels.

Maintain cleanliness:

Dust might gradually accumulate on your solar panels, reducing their output.

You know dust build-up can slowly reduce your array's output by as much as seven percent.

Not to miss that cleaning up your solar panels can be as easy as rinsing them off with any garden hose.

But remember that removing built-up grime might require scrubbing with a soft brush.

Once choosing any solar panels installation location, ensure accessibility for overall periodic cleaning.


To sum up, since you know how you can improve the productivity of your solar system, do the needful.

And to get solar panels or even solar battery for your home, you can count on Loom Solar.

This start-up is a government-certified manufacturer and provider of solar panels and lithium batteries.

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