June 26, 2022

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop? 5 Easy Steps!

Many people do not like investing in expensive gaming consoles and prefer using their regular PCs or laptops for gaming.

And if you're one of those people, you must realize that using your laptop for gaming puts extra pressure on you to ensure it is optimized to the max for your best performance.

Your laptop already has a lot of files and data to deal with, and as a gamer, you know that every second and frame counts in determining your win or loss in the game.

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop? 5 Easy Steps!: eAskme
How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop? 5 Easy Steps!: eAskme

Therefore, latency and slow-working systems stand no chance in gaming at all. But does that mean you can't play the latest games on your laptop?

Clearly, no. all you need to do is work on boosting your device's performance to enjoy an upgraded gaming experience.

There are a few simple and easy ways to boost your device's speed and performance for gaming.

So without any further ado let's get into it:

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop? 5 Easy Steps!

  • Connect to Ethernet Cable.
  • Keep your Drivers updated.
  • Turn on the Windows Game Mode.
  • Close background running processes.
  • Keep Your Computer Clean and Dust-free.

Connect to Ethernet Cable:

How can we talk about gaming and not consider internet connection?

The first thing you need to ensure a top-notch gaming experience is to secure a fiber optic internet connection.

We suggest you go for a reputable company that offers various fiber internet plans.

AT&T internet is worth mentioning here as they offer 100% fiber-fast connectivity to support a lag-free internet experience.

However, getting a good internet connection at your home alone isn't enough.

We all know that anything a gamer can't afford at all is a connection issue.

So make sure you connect your laptop with an Ethernet cable as it's a well-known fact that an Ethernet cable gives a reliable and faster connection compared to a WI-FI network.

And we must make it clear here that we are talking about gaming Ethernet cables that are different from the regular ones.

They offer a better gaming experience because they improve your device's internet connectivity and ensure stability and durability.

Keep your Drivers updated:

Drivers are the applications in your computer that give instructions to the hardware and how to function.

By keeping your drives up-to-date regularly, your device's efficiency is likely to maximize too.

Usually, the drivers are pated by Windows automatically; however, you still have to check to see if any programs need a manual update.

Commonly the issue with driver updates is found among the graphic drivers.

A quick fix to this issue is by setting your GPU (Graphics processing unit) on automatic updates; it mainly processes the pieces of data, making them useful for gaming applications.

Turn on the Windows Game Mode:

Do you know that your laptop is equipped with an Xbox app if you have Windows 10 or above?

Yes, it is, and it includes features like streaming, screen recording, and game mode.

All you need to do is activate the Game mode and Game bar and get started.

Once your game mode is enabled, Windows will automatically run games with capital settings.

For example, it might close some tasks in the background to ensure a better gaming experience.

Close background running processes:

The logic behind this is simple, processes going on in the background slow down the performance of your PC, and closing them will speed up your laptop considerably.

You can use the Task Manager on your device to determine the unnecessary processes running in the background and end them.

It will not only free up more bandwidth for your gaming experience but also not consume excessive data and storage of your device.

Even though today's laptops are much better at multi-tasking, leaving programs running in the background shouldn't seriously impact gaming, but why take a risk?

Keep Your Computer Clean and Dust-free:

A simple yet helpful technique, clean your laptop.

Physical maintenance of your device can boost your performance.

You might not notice, but dust is one of the major reasons to reduce your laptop's airflow, thus getting it heated too quickly.

And heat directly affects the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), processor, and other components of your device and makes it slow down.

The solution to all these problems is simple, keep your laptop dust-free.

We know this is not as easy as it sounds since the laptop is all sealed, and opening it up will invalidate its warranty, but you can try your hands on different cleaning techniques.

Take help from YouTube. You'll surely find a video on removing dust from your laptop.

What you can do at your end is regularly clean your screen and keyboard.

Make sure no food or other particles are sticking around your keys and sneaking into the system from there.

This will improve your laptop performance as well as your gaming experience.


The tips mentioned above are vital to improving the gaming experience and can immensely help boost your laptop's performance in the best way possible, so guess what?

You don't need to spend money on an expensive gaming setup when you can easily enjoy a similar experience on your laptop.

All you need to do is regularly clean your device, upgrade your hardware, close background apps and connect to a reliable internet connection, and you are good to go!

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