June 11, 2022

Twitter Shut Down TweetDeck for Mac

Twitter has shut down the TweetDeck app for Mac devices.

So what is the alternative to TweetDeck for Mac?

Today, you will know everything.

Twitter’s TweetDeck Removed from Mac: eAskme
Twitter is Shutting Down TweetDeck for Mac: eAskme

Twitter has removed the TweetDeck app for Mac, but Mac users can still access TweetDeck using a web browser.

If you are using TweetDeck on Mac, you will see a message showing that TweetDeck for Mac is no longer available. But you can still access TweetDeck through a web browser.

Twitter updated TweetDeck in 2021, and now they are removing the app for Mac users.

The main reason Twitter has decided to shut down the TweetDeck for Mac caused a lot more financial burden for the brand.

TweetDeck was one of the most used apps on the MacBook.

Here is everything about why Twitter is removing TweetDeck for Mac and the TweetDeck Alternatives for Mac.

Why is Twitter Shutting Down TweetDeck?

Shutting TweetDeck for Mac app will help Twitter invest resources in web-based TweetDeck.

Twitter acquired TweetDeck in 2013, and the windows app shut down in 2016.

User Response:

TweetDeck users are not happy with this news.

TweetDeck was the first app that allowed Twitter users to monitor feeds and create columns.

This feature has made TweetDeck popular.

Yet, it is sure that TweetDeck has said goodbye to Mac.

TweetDeck Alternatives to Mac:

Due to Twitter’s restriction on how a developer can use its API, it will not be easy for developers to create another app like TweetDeck.

Even though many alternatives to TweetDeck are available online, nothing can offer massive benefits.

The only best option that you can use as a TweetDeck alternative for Mac is “Fluid.”

Fluid is a free to use the app.

It is not the best solution, but you can consider it the only suitable alternative to TweetDeck for Mac.

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