December 18, 2021

Dispelling The Myth: Are Wall Lights Old-Fashioned?

There is no such trend that isn't a replica of former artistic notions, and the same goes with interior designing.

A huge part of interior decor revolves around wall lights. We can see old handicrafts and artistry returning as the latest trends now and then.

Dispelling The Myth: Are Wall Lights Old-Fashioned?: eAskme
Dispelling The Myth: Are Wall Lights Old-Fashioned?: eAskme

You might wonder, why this repetition? This is because I am dispelling the current myth "Are wall lights overrated"?

If anything, wall lights are understated; they offer a premium aesthetic without exaggerating the decor. Making a decor statement with minimalist art and subtleness is all about wall lights.

Here we will contradict all popular myths with the latest wall lights style.

Myth-1- Wall lights are bulky:

If you think wall lights are heavier than chandeliers, then it is a big 'NO.'

Plus, the recent designs are to die for. They are sleek and complement every decor style.

The new wall lights blend frosted polycarbonate and aluminum, giving a new concept of luxurious styles in the decor range.

Plus, all of them are easy to maintain.

The best part is if you have an existing decor and are skeptical about adding up more, this is the one for you!

Myth-2- No new designs:

There are unlimited options in modern styles, even on online platforms, so this isn't a myth but seems more like an excuse.

Crystal wall lights are the perfect answer to this myth.

This bespoke range comes in a circular pendant structured with a halo design lined in perfect crystals.

Plus, it is designed as sleek as possible to showcase the crystal's audacity.

The best decor style to complement this is a classic all-black wall with some indoor greenery pieces, and a monochromatic wall hanging can amplify your space's look.

Myth no-3 "There is no such thing called small."

Till now, you might have understood I am here to contradict every myth.

So, here goes this one!

Today there is a lot of stuff out there that is small and elegant to suit any decor setting.

Gone are the days when bulky was the only thing.

You can now find wall light designs in every style and sophistication on another level.

The Pin style wall light is a contemporary design that creates a great ambiance by illuminating a 360° circular glow.

It shines on the wall behind and mesmerizes everyone in just one glance.

Myth no-4 Contemporary design is all the same!  

The last one will convince you the best!

If you are revamping your own space, look into, their wall lights will bring you back to decor reality.

The 2 light Wall light is what you say is a variance on a whole different level.

This style can be seen in bold strokes of antique brass and burnished chrome.

The fixtures have a French gold finish, screaming royalty throughout.


All the myths mentioned above have turned out to be out of reality.

So, if you are looking forward to transforming your private space, include wall lights to overstate your existing decor.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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