July 24, 2022

Instagram Update: Instagram in-Chat Payment Feature Launched

Instagram has launched the “payments in chat” feature.

Using Instagram Payments in the chat feature, buyers and sellers can connect, send messages, and request or receive payments online.

Instagram Update How to buy products with Instagram in Chat payment feature: eAskme
Instagram Update How to buy products with Instagram in Chat payment feature: eAskme

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Instagram has announced the launch of the “Payments in Chat” feature in the Meta newsroom.

With this new feature, Instagram users can purchase from small or large businesses on Instagram.

Instagram in Chat payment feature:

As a Payment in Chat feature, buyers and sellers can chat in real-time while buying and selling products or services.

Buyers can also track orders from Instagram chat.

Meta wants to ensure that people can not only buy from businesses but also communicate easily with brands and small businesses.



Meta has said that users send a billion messages to businesses weekly, including interacting with brand stories, calling support, chatting, and browsing products.

Meta Pay for Payments in Chat feature:

Users can make or receive payments using Meta pay. With Meta Pay, users can quickly checkout and make payments.

Meta pay is a secure payment method for Instagram users.

At the same time, customers can send messages to businesses and ask questions or raise queries.

Streamline Purchasing Process on Instagram:

Instagram is trying to streamline the selling and purchasing on Instagram for both customers and businesses.

A streamlined purchase process will help brands to make more sales with a better user experience.

Businesses can also use this feature with Meta shops. To open estore on Instagram and Facebook.

Whether your business has a Meta shop or not, you can still use the Instagram payment in chat feature.

With the in-chat payment feature, you can complete the purchase, ask for support and chat with businesses.

When it comes to buying from online shops, you need to understand the threats of online shopping and stay safe from phony shops or hackers.

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