July 18, 2022

Instagram Creator Marketplace Launched! [Here is everything]

The Instagram creator marketplace is here!

Instagram has been developing a creator marketplace for a very long time.

Instagram creator marketplace is an invite-only platform you can only join if Instagram sends you an invite.

Instagram Creator Marketplace Launched! [Here is everything]: eAskme
Instagram Creator Marketplace Launched! [Here is everything]: eAskme

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Right now, the Instagram creator marketplace is under test.

Instagram has shared a screenshot that looks like Facebook's brand collab manager platform.

The good thing about the Instagram creator marketplace is that advertisers can now search for potential creators to make them work as partners and promote their brands, services, or products.

Instagram creator marketplace is available in the USA only.

With this new Instagram creator marketplace, advertisers can search for influencers based on gender, country, interest, city, age, etc.

Advertisers can also search for the influencers who have tagged them or follow them and add creators to the save list.

Instagram creator marketplace is not just to find influencers of content creators but also a place where advertisers can run their campaigns, check desired deliverables, add compensation, and provide any other information related to the project.

Partners will receive messages in the partnership message box.

Creators who want to collaborate with brands and make money with this collaboration can respond using the message box.

Brand creator collaboration is not new for Instagram, but this time, they have officially announced a tool where creators and brands can connect for better collaboration opportunities.

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