July 06, 2022

Viba Connect – Artificial Intelligence Assistant

What is an Artificial Intelligence Assistant?

An artificial intelligence assistant is a virtual assistant that can help retailers assist their customers quicker and more efficiently.

These virtual assistants can do anything a real person can and much more.

The virtual assistant can assist the customer in their language, answer questions, direct them to where they need to find their product, and do it all in just a few minutes.

Viba Connect – Artificial Intelligence Assistant: eAskme
Viba Connect – Artificial Intelligence Assistant: eAskme

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There are companies all over the world already using AI assistants to help their companies to help customers.

AI assistants are used to answering phone calls, sending text messages, and even assisting with shopping.

Some companies provide an AI assistant to different companies for them to be more efficient such as Viba Connect.

They use it to assist businesses with phone calls, text messages, messenger messages, and even in-store assistance.

These AI assistants are the wave of the future, companies will be able to save time and money with them, and customers will also save time and money while working with a virtual assistant.

While some people worry about the ethics of such an assistant, they are already helping millions of people worldwide, and some people do not even realize they are working with AI.

Here are some reasons an artificial intelligence assistant is a good business idea.

Immediate AssistanceAI assistants can help customers with answers to questions they do not even know they have.

The AI assistant can track customer preferences and answer questions about specific items before the customer can ask the questions.

Rise of Messaging Apps:

Many companies are already using AI assistants in their messaging apps, and people do not even realize they are speaking to AI.

Businesses can use AI to answer customer questions, provide new information about products or services, and create new revenue streams.


Companies can save thousands of dollars on training their employees with an AI assistant.

They can train the AI assistant on how to train the employees and then have the AI train the employee.

This can save the company time and money because they do not have to employ a trainer and only have to train the AI once.

You can learn more about AI here at this site. The company can also program the AI assistant to answer employees' questions once they are trained.

24/7 Customer Assistance:

Companies can have AI assistants on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

AI assistants do not need time off for sickness or vacations; they can work all hours and even on public holidays.

This will provide customers with the assistance they need when they need it.

Reliable Service:

AI assistants can provide reliable customer service that is friendly and can assist the customers just how they need it.

The AI assistant can be programmed to answer all questions and then escalate the call to a manager if they cannot answer them.

The AI assistant will never get angry with a customer or argue with a customer that wants to argue.

This can all help the customer have a more positive experience and have them coming back for more of your product or service.

Cost Savings:

Another way to save costs with AI assistants is that the AI can provide higher levels of service than traditional customer service, and they can do it for a much lower cost.


AI assistants can handle all customer interactions faster than a real person.

This helps the customer feel valued and that the assistant is listening to their concerns.

This will also help the customer feel that they need to return to your company because you care about the customer.

Self-service Options:

Today's customers always look for self-service options because they do not want to call customer service.

They rely on frequently asked questions on the company's site, online forums, and other self-service options.

If they can ask an AI assistant a question without having to talk to a real assistant, they are usually much happier and more satisfied with the answers.


AI assistants can gather information about customers that can help provide a more personalized experience for the customer.

The AI can see that a customer likes a certain style of jeans, and then the AI can show them the same style of jeans the next time they interact with the website.

AI assistants can help you provide better customer service for less money, which will make your customers happier with their experiences.

This will have the customers returning to your company because they feel you know how to please them and keep them happy.

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