July 06, 2022

8 Best Tech Accessories Everybody Should Have

The pandemic hit us a couple of years ago, and a lot has changed.

Mostly it changed our lifestyle. It also changed our shopping habits.

For obvious reasons, millions of shoppers shopped from their homes or offices.

8 Best Tech Accessories Everybody Should Have: eAskme
8 Best Tech Accessories Everybody Should Have: eAskme

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People spend a lot of money on bizarre gadgets like toothbrushes with Bluetooth, toasters that print your photo on your toast, and more.

But, we are not talking about these types of accessories in this article.

We'll discuss some essential tech accessories everybody might need or should have.

1) A pair of Wired and Wireless earphones:

Wireless earphones are becoming affordable as the competition is growing in the market.

Earlier, only 3-4 dominant companies used to make decent wireless earphones.

But today, more than a dozen companies are out there which make decent earphones.

Wireless earphones are essential if you go to the gym, walk, or love to listen to songs.

Even if you spend time talking to your loved ones on the phone, you might love using wireless earphones.

Tangling wires in all these situations does not help much.

You might also need rigid earphones of decent quality.

You can use them in harsh conditions and throw them on your bed, bag, or table without hesitation.

2) A portable smartphone charger:

You might need a portable smartphone charger if you spend enough time outside your home.

You might also need it if the electricity supply is not much constant.

A handy smartphone charger becomes essential if you love to travel, especially trekking or other similar adventures.

3) A streaming Stick:

A streaming stick is a device that allows you to beam video content from the internet, your phone, and your PC to a TV.

The Google Chromecast was the first big name in this industry, but now Amazon Firestick and Roku streaming sticks are taking over.

Amazon Fire Sticks come with voice-assisted remote controls. You can install several official apps on an Amazon firestick to unlock its pure and third-party apps to stream the latest content for free.

You can also enjoy IPTV services on a Firestick.

According to Fire Stick Tricks, several IPTV players are available for Amazon Fire Sticks.

You can use these IPTV players to use all your IPTV subscriptions in one place.

4) A fitness band or watch:

You might love having a fitness band or watch if you go for a walk, gymming, or do other physical activities.

These gadgets are also essential if you need to track your step count, miles, or stairs you climb.

Several other features like notifications, alerts, calls, etc., make these gadgets more useful than ever.

5) An electric bike:

Several electric bikes are available in the country today. However, you can fold only a few of them.

You might want to invest in a folding bike if you live in a city so that you can easily hop into buses and trains.

You can consider an electric bike like Gocycle G4, which you can fold, track, charge, and start remotely.

It also shows you speed and battery percentage and offers different modes for better power management.

6) Smart home appliances:

The world is changing quickly, and you might need to change your appliances accordingly

Several innovative home appliances are available today like a Smart bulb, speaker, automatic robot vacuum, TV, refrigerator, AC, etc.

You can control all these types of appliances from your home.

You can also schedule many of them, like a bulb or AC to turn on before you reach home or turn off after you leave.

7) A Swiss Knife:

A Swiss Knife is an exceptional multi-tool you can use for several activities.

Here are some of them:

  • It has a large blade with a cutting edge of 58mm you can use for cutting and slicing.
  • It has a small blade that looks similar to the larger one but has a cutting edge of 36mm. You can use it for more nuanced jobs.
  • It has a corkscrew you can use to uncork wine bottles, get out knots, and temporarily fix small things like mosquito nets.
  • It has a can opener for obvious use,
  • It has a bottle opener to open soda bottles,
  • It has a wire stripper you can use to strip wire,
  • It has a Reamer you can use to enlarge holes in leather or wood,
  • It has a key ring for your keys,
  • It also comes with Tweezers which makes it easier to pick up something small for hands and remove splinters.
  • It comes with a toothpick too.

Here is a list of all the other tools it has.

  • Scissors,
  • Wood Saw,
  • Multipurpose Hook,
  • Fish Scaler,
  • Ruler,
  • Hook disgorger,
  • Nail File,
  • Nail Cleaner,
  • Metal file,
  • Metal saw, and more.

In general, a swiss knife is loaded with more than 30 useful tools making it one of the most popular multi-tool.

8) An e-reader:

Those days are gone when you need to hold several books to read them.

An e-reader like Amazon Kindle can keep thousands of e-books.

It has convenient features like night modes, note taker, voice assistant, etc.

There is another accessory I like to add to this list.

It might not be as tech as others, but in my opinion, it is worth mentioning.

Compressed towel tablets:

You can call them pop-up towels.

These towels are as small as a pill at the start, but they grow up as big as a hand towel after you put them in water.

You can order them online for a fair price.

They save a lot of space, especially when you are traveling.


Several other tech accessories are available in the market today.

It depends on you how many of them you need or want. I suggest buying only those you need the most.

I also recommend comparing prices before buying. It will save you a lot of money.

You might also want to read reviews carefully before ordering these items.

What do you think?

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