July 06, 2022

4 Tips For Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage!

Mold is a real problem in homes and makes living spaces uninhabitable.

Mold can also cause health issues for your family, like allergies and respiratory problems.

4 Tips For Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage: eAskme
4 Tips For Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage: eAskme

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The most effective way to prevent mold growth is using an antimicrobial treatment that kills any invaders on your wet surfaces.

And here, we will give you certain tips to prevent mold growth, but also check out what a mold is.

Let us see.

What is mold?

Mold is a living organism that feeds on organic substances.

For those who are not too familiar with mold, you need to be aware of the fact that these microscopic fungi grow in moist or wet areas and can cause health problems for people like allergies and asthma.

Mold spores are present in the air and can be found on surfaces like clothes, furniture, and walls.
When mold spores come into contact with water, they can start to grow.

Mold exposure can cause symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes.
That's why it's important to prevent mold growth after water damage.

If your home has been flooded or there's been a leak, then take steps to dry out the area as soon as possible.

Clean affected surfaces with a solution of bleach and water.

And if you have any porous items that have been wet, throw them away to prevent mold from growing on them.

What causes mold?

Before knowing about the prevention of mold, let us see the causes of mold formation so that it helps us fight it:

  1. Mold growth is caused by excess moisture in the air. This can be due to high humidity, leaks, or flooding.
  2. Mold thrives in the dark, moist environments.
  3. Mold can grow under various conditions, such as poor ventilation.

Four steps to Prevent Mold Growth After Water Damage:

1. Assess Damage and Remove Moldy Items

The water leak is one of the most common ways mold grows in homes.

When water leaks or spills occur, mold can quickly start to grow. It can cause damage to your home, causing structural devastation and costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.
If you have had recent water damage in your home, it is important to assess the damage and remove any moldy items as soon as possible.

Mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours of water damage, so it is important to act quickly.
If the area is small and the mold growth is limited, you may be able to clean it yourself with a disinfectant solution.

However, if the mold growth is extensive, you should call a professional mold remediation company such as the Bedrock Restoration.

Or, you can even take up these primary steps:

  • Remove all wet items. It includes carpets, furniture, clothing, and anything else that is wet.
  • Dry the affected area thoroughly. The affected area is to be cleaned with a bleach solution. It will kill any mold spores that are present.
  • Repair any leaks or sources of water intrusion. This prevents future mold growth.

2. Dry out the area

If your home has been flooded or you have had a water leak, it is important to dry out the area as soon as possible.

Mold can start to grow within 24-48 hours, so time is of the essence.
Firstly, remove any standing water. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water if the area is wet. You may need to rent a sump pump if the area is vast.
Once the standing water is gone, you will need to use fans and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture from the air. It is important to keep the area well-ventilated during this process.
You should continue to monitor the area for mold growth. If you see any mold, you will need to clean it up immediately and then take steps to prevent future mold growth.

3. Eliminate existing moisture sources

One of the best ways to prevent mold is to eliminate existing moisture sources. If your home has been flooded, it's important to dry out the area as soon as possible.
You can use a fan or dehumidifier to help with this process. It would be best if you also opened windows and doors to allow air circulation.

If you have a leaky pipe or another water source, it's essential to fix the issue as soon as possible. Mold can start growing within 24-48 hours, so taking action quickly is important.
In addition to eliminating moisture sources, you should keep your home clean and free of clutter.

4. Clean and disinfect

It's important to clean and disinfect any areas that have been affected by water damage as soon as possible.
Start using a wet vacuum cleaner to remove as much water as possible. Then, use a mild detergent and a soft brush to scrub away any dirt or debris.
Once the area is clean, you can disinfect it with a solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water.
Let the solution sit on the surface for at least 10 minutes before wiping it away. You can then dry the area with fans or dehumidifiers.


Mold can pose a severe health risk, so it's important to be proactive in preventing it.

Mold can threaten your health, thereby causing serious issues; hence, it is one of the most important reasons to prevent mold from growing.

Following these tips, you can prevent mold growth that tends to occur after water damage.
Apart from health issues, it can cause minor to major damage to your house, thereby killing your bank account.

Thus, with a little effort, you can get your home back to normal in no time.

So, from now on, take the little measures and work towards protecting your house from mold. I hope these little tips will help you prevent mold.

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