August 08, 2022

Top 7 Reasons To Pursue Cisco DevNet Associate Training (DEVASC 200-901)

Everything in this digital age minimizes the need for human labor in all types of work.

The networking business, heading toward network automation, has experienced the same situation in recent years.

Network engineers must take the Cisco DevNet training course to learn network automation skills.

This article will present the top 7 reasons to pursue Cisco DevNet Associate Training (DEVASC 200-901).

Top 7 Reasons To Pursue Cisco DevNet Associate Training (DEVASC 200-901): eAskme
Top 7 Reasons To Pursue Cisco DevNet Associate Training (DEVASC 200-901): eAskme

Network Automation uses software and APIs to automate networking tasks and make the network more efficient and functional with better security.

Network automation involves configuring, managing, deploying, operating, and testing physical and virtual devices in a network.

More than 60% of all modern enterprises have already invested in network automation, creating a demand for network engineers with automation skills.

Path to Network Automation for a network engineer:

Network Automation has become a part of every networking certification, including the entry-level certification, CCNA.

It is considered the immediate future of networking, so it becomes essential for network engineers to get Automation skills to stay job-relevant.

The path for a network engineer to become a network automation engineer is through CCNA DevNet Training.

What is CCNA DevNet?

Cisco has been the dominant master of the networking industry, and one of the prime reasons is that Cisco has continuously evolved its certifications that validate candidates' knowledge.

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, while DevNet is the community of Developers and Network engineers.

CCNA DevNet is the associate level certification by Cisco under its DevNet track.

In 2020, keeping the movement of enterprises towards automation in mind, Cisco updated its certifications and released some new certifications.

One of these certifications was the CCNA DevNet certification.

This certification aimed to reduce the skill gap between network engineers and developers by teaching networking to software developers and development to network engineers.

Ever since its release, the new Cisco DevNet Certification became a hot topic in the networking industry as it offered the much-needed automation skills enterprises were looking for. CCNA DevNet is also known as DEVASC 200-901, and it is a 120-minute-long exam available in two languages: Japanese and English.

It tests a candidate's software development and design knowledge, including application development and security, Cisco platforms and development, understanding and using APIs, and infrastructure and automation.

Top 7 reasons to pursue Cisco DevNet Associate Training (DEVASC 200-901):

There are many reasons for a network engineer to pursue the most demanded DevNet track.

However, for the readers' sake of reading, we have enlisted the top 7 reasons to seek the Cisco DevNet Associate training.

Better Job OpportunitiesAs most enterprises are investing in automating their networks for better performance, high security, fewer human errors, and cost reduction, the job opportunities for network engineers with network automation skills are increasing daily.

The competition in the traditional networking domain is very high; many network engineers have good knowledge.

However, when it comes to network automation, there is not enough competition as many network engineers are still not ready to upgrade their skills.

Therefore, there are more job opportunities after the CCNA DevNet course.

Better Salary Packages:

Due to high demand and less availability of network engineers with automation skills, the salary packages offered to these professionals are pretty high compared to any other networking professionals.

With CCNA DevNet training, any network engineer can get automation skills and get entitled to better job opportunities with better salary packages.

It is a known fact that a network engineer can quickly get a minimum hike of 50% on their current salary with network automation skills.


The CCNA DevNet training also prepares the candidates to take the Cisco DevNet Associate certification.

Before DevNet, certification, especially for developers who work on Cisco platforms, was non-existent.

However, now developers can choose to get certified by a major company like Cisco.

For a long time, people have pushed Cisco to provide this feature, and now that it has, it is assisting in paving the way for both experienced and aspiring developers.

These credentials may lead to leadership positions and novel, exciting tasks in your company.

Programming Skills:

With the CCNA DevNet Training, network engineers learn something new such as programming, with the most straightforward programming language available, Python.

Programming skills are essential for all network engineers as automation has become integral to all Cisco certifications.

This training is perfect for getting network engineers the most needed programming skills.

Helps network engineers learn about IoT:

IoT can be the best choice if you want to create secure and scalable networks unconventionally.

Additionally, you should consider DevNet's IoT specialization if you find Cisco networks and data visualization fascinating.

Anywhere a networked sensor may produce relevant data, you can anticipate the application of IoT.

There will be more use cases for IoT to expand in industrial settings as time passes and Wi-Fi 6 and 5G adoption increases.

To evaluate associated abilities, Cisco has developed the IoT specialization within DevNet.


After the DevNet Associate 200-901 training, candidate can scale their skills with CCNP DevNet certification.

With CCNP DevNet training, you can improve overall customer satisfaction, IT processes, service, and support.

Global Recognition:

Cisco is one of the first companies to make IT certifications valuable and widely accepted.

They prove that you have succeeded in this area and are qualified to operate in the sector.

Bonus point:

Get a Boarder spectrum of technology: Your skill is usually limited to one or two role-based technologies at work.

However, you are exposed to a more comprehensive choice of technologies if you hold a Cisco DevNet certification.

Prerequisites for DevNet Associate Training:

It's a myth among many Network Engineers that to take the DevNet Associate training, they must have basic Python skills or a CCNA certification.

But, in reality, there are no formal prerequisites for DevNet Associate training or even certification.

Anybody with good fundamental networking knowledge can go for CCNA DevNet training, and anybody who has completed the CCNA DevNet training can opt for Cisco DEVASC 200-901 certification exam.

Job Opportunities after DevNet Associate 200-901 training:

The scope for network engineers with automation skills is very diverse.

The demand for such professionals is very high as most enterprises are investing in automating their networks.

So, the job roles one can get after DevNet Associate 200-901 training are,

  • Cloud Developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Test Development Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Network Automation Engineer
  • Security Automation Engineer


Network Automation is currently the most demanded and pursued skill in the networking domain.

If you are a network engineer stuck at a package and want better job opportunities with high-pay roles, then you should opt for CCNA DevNet training.

Due to the high demand of network automation, there are a lot of opportunities for network automation engineers.

If you are a network engineer, you should know that this ship is about to sail. So, get up and get the most demanded skill before the boat floats.

If you are still with us, we hope you understand the importance of Cisco DevNet Associate Training and choose to get these skills to upgrade yourself.

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