August 06, 2022

LinkedIn Update: Testing a New Human Curated Discover Feed

LinkedIn is reportedly testing a new discover feed.

In LinkedIn’s new discover feed, you will see content curated by professionals even if they are not in your network.

LinkedIn is going to be more human than the algorithm.

LinkedIn Human Curated Discover Feed: eAskme
LinkedIn Human Curated Discover Feed: eAskme

This time, LinkedIn is updating its feed in the mobile app section, which humans will curate.

The LinkedIn mobile app will display a dedicated tab where you will see content curated by Influencers on LinkedIn.

The new LinkedIn Discover feed works differently than other networks.

Blake Barns have shared about his LinkedIn discover feed. He also said that it is under testing.

LinkedIn is serious about launching a new discover feed that professionals will curate.

LinkedIn discovery feed shows posts and displays events, newsletters, videos, etc.

VP Product at LinkedIn answers almost every question related to the LinkedIn Discovery feed.

You should know that content will be curated by LinkedIn’s new team only. This means not every LinkedIn user can contribute to a curated feed.

The Discovery feed will target user interests and occupations.

LinkedIn has launched several updates in the past few years to improve user experience.

You can check every LinkedIn update here.

Now, LinkedIn is trying to make the feed more engaging and potentially helpful for users.

LinkedIn is the most extensive professional network, and getting content curated from expert teams is a great idea.

Human curated feed will have both benefits and drawbacks.

Human feed will display better content as compared to algorithms.

But the content will be curated from limited publishers, or you can say publishers with authority only.

Currently, the LinkedIn Discovery feed is under testing, so we cannot predict its future.


It will be good to see when the company will launch a new LinkedIn human-curated feed and how users will react to this update.

You should also know that the LinkedIn feed is limited to English content only.

If you are one of those seeing the Discover tab, you are also one of the LinkedIn features test groups.

I like human-curated content, and it will be good to see how LinkedIn updates will help me see more helpful and engaging content.

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