5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn is a massive professional social network, and it is expanding day by day.

From around 200 countries, more than 660 million users are on LinkedIn.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Instagram, but those networks are not professional.

LinkedIn is a professional in every possible way.

It is specially designed to take care of the needs of professional and give them a place to grow together.

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme
5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

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Marketers find LinkedIn quite appealing.

The primary reason is that LinkedIn users have more focus on networking, jobs, and business as compared to other social networks. This shows that it is an ideal place to market B2B services or products.

More than 80% of B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn.

Now this says why you should also expand your marketing to LinkedIn.

You cannot just do it by simply creating a profile and start advertising. To make sure that your efforts on LinkedIn will get rewarded, you need to build trust.

And, you can do it by becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

Now the question is how to become a LinkedIn Influencer?

Here are the five perfect steps that you should follow to become the most trusted LinkedIn Influencer.

5 Easy Steps to Become an Established LinkedIn Influencer

Do you know that LinkedIn Also invites the most trusted influencers to join a particular group on the LinkedIn platform?

Some of these influencers are Arianna Huffington, Mary Barra, Bill Gates, etc.

Getting into the inner circle of a brand is the feeling like you got the diamond.

But, this doesn't mean that you can become influencers only if you be in a group.

You can still start on your own to develop your profiles, skills, and connections.

Your brand must grab the attention of others, and people should start talking about it.


Setting influencer goals are as important as setting a blog business plan.

Without goals, you will be roaming here and there on the network.

You can set goals such as;
Note down the list of goals that you want to achieve by becoming an influencer on Linkedin.

To achieve influencer status on LinkedIn, you should also plan the strategy to achieve your goals.

For example, If you want to find freelance writing business, then start;
  • Post content that will attract readers.
  • Publish your experience and expertise.
  • Share precious media files.
Without settings goals, you will not achieve anything.

Create an Expert profile:

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

Make sure that you fill every blank and hole in your LinkedIn profile.

No one wants to look at a profile with no information or blank photo.

You need to make an impression through your profile.

Make sure that your profile helps you capture the attention of others.

Use a vibrant profile pic, share about yourself, skills, interests, and accomplishments.

Use creative visuals.

LinkedIn is a professional network, but you should not be impersonal.

Your focus should be on building real-life connections with the people.

Highlight every vital thing such as who you are, where you are from, what do you do, etc.


5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

After rocking your profile, the next job is to share your expertise.

And, you can do it by smartly sharing creative content.

Now the question is which type of content you should be posting on LinkedIn?

Content Appealing to Your Target Audience:

Do you understand your audience personas?

If yes, then you know what they want.

Your content must trigger the emotions of your readers.

For example, If you have a social media management tool, then you may want to attract clients who will buy your tool. To make them interested in your tool, you need to produce content which talks about the pros and cons and educate them on how the tool will improve the performance.

Your understanding with your customer is something that will help you here.

Publish content that you own:

Create unique content and publish it on your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that your content will have something for the reader to take-away and engage them to reshare the content.

Start tracking user behavior. Understand what readers love on your blog. Share similar content on your LinkedIn profile page.

Learn how you can improve your writing.

Make sure that each piece of content should stand out.

Build trust, share facts, infographics, charts, etc.

Use Media:

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

Writing content doesn't mean that you fill the topic with a-z characters.

It means that you should use memorable images, creative visuals, infographics, videos, and resources properly.

Make sure that you should use at least one photo in every article.

Curate Content:

It might not be possible for you to publish fresh content on LinkedIn every day.

It’s ok. You can take the help of your already published content and curate that content on LinkedIn.

Curating content will also give your readers something to learn and stay connected with you.

Sharing trustworthy resources in your posts will make them impactful.

You will also gain trust as you will be sharing the content of already established influencers.

To find the influencer in your industry, you can use tools like Listly and Instapaper.


LinkedIn is a professional social media network.

Social networks based on one simple rule are, and that is to give attention.

The more attention you give to others, the more attention you will gain.

Start commenting, liking, and resharing the posts of connected influencers.

This will help you build trust among influencers.

Promote content:

  • Every marketer understands the need for promotion.
  • You must promote your LinkedIn profile on every possible channel.
  • Run cross channel promotions.

LinkedIn for Business:

Are you using LinkedIn for business? If not, then why not?

LinkedIn is there to help you grow your business, and you can do it by becoming an influencer.

Follow these steps, and you will be on the path to become a LinkedIn Influencer.

If you have any question, do let me know via comments.

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