August 22, 2022

How to Make Money from Tech without Coding Skills?

There's so much hype about coding in present times.

You'd even wonder if there is any way to earn a living from tech without knowing a programming language.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a genius at Java Script, Jquery, Python, C++, and what have you before earning a living in the tech world.

How to Make Money from Tech without Coding Skills?: eAskme
How to Make Money from Tech without Coding Skills?: eAskme

Stay with us as we examine eight ways to make a living from tech without coding skills.

1. Be a Salesperson:

There isn't yet a code written to market tech products, and the chances of one emerging are slim.

After all the computer languages, mechanization, and all other things involved in making tangible and intangible tech products, only a salesperson can make the world know they exist.

So, keep working on your presentations and fluency in your native tongue.

It would prove valuable to giving you a paycheck from tech. If you're still in doubt, ask Steve Ballmer.

2. Be a Tech Think Tank:

Coding is only required when there is something to create.

If you have no coding skills, why not brainstorm and get a tech idea which would sell and leave the coding to the genius?

To do this, you'll have to work with several people with diverse tech skills and, of course, someone that knows how to code.

Take a clue from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. Rumor has it that he doesn't even know how to write computer languages, nor was he an engineer.

You should know that 99.9% of the time, the CEO gets a heavier paycheck than the workers.

3. Be a Smart Accountant:

Every tech company requires competent accountants to keep them afloat.

Activities in a tech company don't all involve writing codes and finding bots.

Someone has to prepare and examine financial records, attract finance and grants, prepare paycheck, and keep the tax office at bay.

You'll be behind a computer working with figures and not some C: //... blah blah blah or whatever programmers write on those boring screens.

4. Invest in Tech Startups:

If your pocket runs deep and you can't stand risks, you should probably skip this to the next point.

Most times, those with the idea do not have the funds to drive them. If you're financially buoyant, you can invest in new tech startups.

Who knows what returns would come from it in the future?

Before doing this, you need an analytical mind to know if the project stands a chance to succeed.

Although you can't be right all the time, it's more reckless to splash your money on anyone with a business proposal in the tech niche.

Warren Buffett would tell you it's a risk worth taking after all.

5. Technical Writer:

Are you interested in tech products, feel comfortable with technical jargon, and know how to make ordinary users understand them?

If your answer is a yes, consider being a technical writer either as a freelancer or working with a tech firm.

Tech companies need people in this profession as intermediaries between them and the end users.

Hence, they write product instruction manuals, operating procedure guides, and specialized product descriptions, among other things.

Don't worry; you never have to deal with codes to do this job, and you'll still do well for yourself.

6. Improve Your Graphic Design Skills:

If you are good at creating visually appealing graphics, many tech companies need your skill.

You are probably drawn to some commercial websites by the things you see and not codes.

Graphic designers generally create visually appealing forms for product use, branding the company and handling everything that draws attention to the product through sight.

As we promised, you won't need coding skills to do your work. Learn to work with as many graphic design suites as possible, and you'll be fine.

7. Specialize as a Tech Lawyer:

Believe it or not, tech companies usually deal with more legal cases than most others.

Whether to patent products, unsatisfied consumers suing the company, or arrange for foreign ex-pats, in which case they need immigration law firms like total law, tech companies always need good lawyers.

Many technology firms have at least one in-house lawyer to deal with diverse legal issues, like spelling out terms and conditions of use and preventing breaches of consumer privacy laws.

8. Have Outstanding SEO Skills:

There isn't a tech company without an online presence.

Each one seeks to appear on the first page of every online search for products in their niche. That's where SEO specialists come in.

Your job will be to help the tech company's website improve its ranking and appear on the first page of an online search.

You must know to find and use the most common and relevant keywords people type on search engines and insert them on the company's website.


Coding is time-consuming and requires intense concentration.

All the opportunities described above would still leave ample time for your family.

Be easy to bring your spouse over using a marriage visa and start your family.

At least you know you do not have to code to make it in the tech world.

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