Places to Learn to Code for Free

Today we see coding in every part of life. Computers, smartphone, apps, medical technology everything is connected and created with coding.

Nowadays, many people want to learn coding and as you don`t want to go to the college again, here are few solutions to learn coding for free. The ability to code is indispensable. It allows business professionals to effectively optimize landing pages. Coding also gives you a unique perspective in content development.

Places to Learn to Code for Free : EASKME
Places to Learn to Code for Free : EASKME
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If you also want to learn coding than here is the list of best places to learn to code absolutely free.

Places to Learn to Code for Free


Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme
Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme
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Codecademy is an excellent place to learn basics of coding. It is featured on many popular magazines and  a most popular free coding options.

This is not for theory. Codecademy take you into deep end of coding with interactive lessons. You have options to choose Ruby on Rails, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML & CSS and much more.

You can easily learn how to code But if you want to understand why you are doing anything you are doing then there are other resources for you. Codecademy is good for marketer or those who work on HTML-based CMS.

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MIT Open Courseware for Theory

If you you want to understand why you doing coding and want to get deep understanding then MIT is for you. It offers various programming courses. Open Courseware features 2,150 MIT courses.

If you are a beginner then you can start with Introduction to programming and Computer Science course. This course hardly need three hours per week. Students can communicate with each other using forums and OpenStudy platform.

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Khan Academy for coding lessons

Khan Academy is first and best online resources to which offer free coding lessons. Khan Academy has a unique teaching style where they teach in gaming style.

Using animations, drawings and games, Khan Academy teaches CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Students can interact with online with each other and share their.

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Udemy for Video-Based Learning

Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme
Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme

If you want to learn through best combination of listening, watching and practicing then Udemy is an awesome place to start coding. Anyone can be instructor and they set course prices. There are also so many of free programming courses at Udemy.

You can also leave review on each course. So before joining you can see what others think about that course.

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Udacity for Free World-Class Lessons

Udacity is the foundation of Google Fellow and Stanford Research Professor Sebastien Thrun. Sebastien Thrun is the person who has invented driver-less car. He had a vision to provide education in forms of free courses to students worldwide.

Intro program is a Computer Science program which takes 6 hours per week and take 3 months to complete. After completing this course you will have your own social network and search engine.

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Coursera for International University Courses

Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme
Places to Learn to Code for Free : eAskme
Coursera is your doorway to free courses from popular universities like Stanford, the University of Edinburgh and University of Toronto. There are many courses in different languages.

You can join Coursera courses for free of charge or pay course fee to get verified certificate.

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Code launched in 2013. It already have 59 million students around the world. Their course are focused for younger people. They teach with animation and games. , You can join various courses including game coding, JavaScript, Python and more.

Final Words:

Knowledge of basic coding help you to understand issues and help them to solve. May be you love learning to code.

So these are the best Places to Learn to Code for Free. Do share your favorite free coding resource. If you like this article, do share it on twitter.
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