September 27, 2019

4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career

Starting as a freelance writer can be an exciting venture. Especially if you are set out to be your own boss and do things your own way.

You have probably studied all of the guides and know what it takes to start the freelance business of your dreams.

4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career: eAskme
4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career: eAskme

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You have set up a website detailing all of the work you do, posted sample works to attract new clients, and set up subscription options for everyone who visits your site.

There may be one thing you haven’t considered though, how you are going to make ends meet during the first few months while your freelance business is taking off?

Here are four ways to fund a start-up freelance career to keep things going while looking for that big break.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans may be an option for beginning freelancers looking for a way to finance their needs while waiting for clients to come pouring in.

Small business loans are harder to find for freelancers than some other start-ups, but they are possible.

Finding the right loan for your specific needs will require some research into companies and requirements for the desired loans.

Thankfully the internet offers the perfect research tools to find the best rates and available lenders.

There are many articles that will help you to find credible lenders in the vast collection of online loan companies.

Car Title Loans

Another option available for some freelancers is a car title loans online.

Utilizing your vehicle as a guarantee, you can get funding for your start-up when other options seem out of reach.

Be sure to research the process of how car title loans work before applying.

Essentially though, these loans allow you to borrow on the value of your automobile.

You will be able to keep your vehicle, though the loan company will place a lien on the title until you finish paying the loan.

It is much like refinancing your home, only using your vehicle instead of your home.

Sponsorship Support

Looking for other avenues for revenue to keep your new freelance business up and going, sponsorships for your website are a useful and at times, rewarding idea.

Sponsors are primarily people who pay to advertise on your website.

There are thousands of sponsorship opportunities, and some can offer lucrative income; however, most just help keep a website going.

Through some online searches, you can find many companies that are looking to sponsor freelancers in this way. Knowing where to look and how to get sponsors takes some further research.

It will take time, but in the end, sponsorships could help keep your dream going until it takes off.

Family and Friends as Sponsors

One final option available for covering the expenses of a start-up freelance career is that of friends and family.

It is often hard to ask family and friends outright for the money to pay for anything. Much less something they may or may not agree with you doing.

There is another way, however.

You can ask them through email campaigns and by setting up accounts through crowdfunding.

Websites like Patreon, Kickstarter, and others offer a way for you to provide something for others in the form of payment for their small donation to your cause.

Keep Striving for Success

No matter which route you take or how you accomplish your dream of being your own boss as a freelancer, the vital thing to remember is to keep going.

There will be plenty of challenges, but they are not roadblocks, simply bumps along the way.

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