Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results

Microsoft has updated Shopping search results with coupon codes to help users save money and get the latest shopping discounts.

Microsoft Bing is now displaying active coupon codes for eCommerce websites o make search results engaging.

Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results: eAskme
Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results: eAskme

Microsoft Shopping Search Results Update with Coupon Codes

Adding shopping codes to search results will help shoppers find discount coupons without going anywhere else. It is easy for shoppers to save money on shopping when using Bing search.

It is common for users to ignore discount coupons if they directly visit the website to purchase online.

Here is what new shopping results with coupon codes look like.

Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes To Shopping Searches: eAskme

You need to click the coupon to copy the code and visit the site to shop with the coupon code. Your coupon code with automatically add to the checkout screen.

Bing has launched coupon codes for search results in the USA, UK, France, Australia, and Germany.

Important Bing Search Annotations Updates:

Bing’s Ethical Choice Annotation Update:

Bing is displaying ethical choice ratings with the help of an ethical fashion app. The result will impact animals, people, and the planet.

You can see ethical choice labels in Bing search.

Bing’s Price History Annotation Update:

Users can see Price History annotation on Bing search results.

Here is an example of price history annotation on a shopping search.

Bing’s Price History Annotation Update: eAskme
Bing’s Price History Annotation Update: eAskme

This example displays the change in the price to ensure that you are not paying more than expected.

If you see the price is high or fluctuating, you can hold the purchase for the right time.

We all love to save money. Bing is using the same idea to power up its search results and trying to improve its search market share.


I like the idea of seeing coupon codes, price history, and ethical labels in search results.

It saves time and ensures you do not miss the opportunity to save money when shopping online.

What do you think about the Bing shopping search update?

Have you ever used Bing search?

Do share your thoughts with us.

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