August 14, 2022

Meta's New Automation Tools Update to Improve growth and Increase Sales

By Sona Mathews

Meta automation tools will help advertisers get the maximum of their ad spends.

With new Automation tools, advertisers and small businesses can multiply their growth.

Meta's Advantage and advertising technologies will help your business to create ads from Facebook pages.

Meta Advantage+ Automation Tools to Improve growth and Increase Sales.: eAskme
Meta Advantage+ Automation Tools to Improve growth and Increase Sales.: eAskme

Advantage+ is the most advanced automation and AI technology for Meta advertisers to automate their ad campaigns. You can you Meta ad automation to create single ads.

Meta's Advantage+ will offer new features like app campaigns, shopping campaigns, etc.

Here is what every Meta advertiser should know!

Meta's New Automation Tools to Improve growth and Increase Sales:

Meta Advantage+ for Ads:

Advantage audience and Advantage+ creative will help small businesses to create engaging ads for their Facebook page.

Advantage+creative will change your ad for each person according to his interest. It means every time a new user views your ad, he will see your ads' unique and interesting version.

This will improve user response to your ads.

With Advantage Audience, small businesses can target audiences with relevant ads. Meta will offer personalized ads for your ad campaigns.

You can use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience from now.

Advantage+ Shopping ad campaigns:

With Meta Advantage+, advertisers can quickly learn what works for their shopping ad campaigns.

You will see up to 150 creative ad combinations with the help of Advantage+.

When running different versions of your ads, you can easily identify what is working and what is not working for your business.

With this information, you can easily optimize the budget for your shopping ads.

From 15th August 2022, advertisers can access Advantage+ shopping campaign features.

Later, meta will also add a checkout shop feature to let advertisers ad shops.

Meta Advantage+ App Campaigns Updates:

Meta is improving Advantage+ will a series of updates, such as;

  • 7-day click attribution.
  • Improved stability and asset pairing.
  • Split testing.
  • Ad report insight.

What is there for Advertisers?

Since Apple has blocked trackers on iOS devices, Facebook/Meta has faced slower growth in ad revenue.

For the first time, Meta has reported a decline in ad revenue. And they are ready to fix this.

With Ai, Automation, and Advanced targeting features for advertisers, Meta plans to increase ad revenue.


Meta is offering better targeting features and ad campaign optimization to advertisers. The focus is to improve ad revenue and optimize ad budgets for small businesses.

It will be good to see what will happen in the next Meta quarterly report as advertisers can use more features with Advantage+.

What do you think?

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