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Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results

Microsoft has updated Shopping search results with coupon codes to help users save money and get the latest shopping discounts.

Microsoft Bing is now displaying active coupon codes for eCommerce websites o make search results engaging.

Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results: eAskme
Microsoft Bing has Added Coupon Codes to Shopping Search Results: eAskme

Microsoft Shopping Search Results Update with Coupon Codes

Adding shopping codes to search results will help shoppers find discount coupons without going anywhere else. It is easy for shoppers to save money on shopping when using Bing search.

It is common for users to ignore discount coupons if they directly visit the website to purchase online.

Here is what new shopping results with coupon codes look like.

Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes To Shopping Searches: eAskme

You need to click the coupon to copy the code and visit the site to shop with the coupon code. Your coupon code with automatically add to the checkout screen.

Bing has launched coupon codes for search results in the USA, UK, France, Australia, and Germany.

Important Bing Search Annotations Updates:

Bing’s Ethical Choice Annotation Update:

Bing is displaying ethical choice ratings with the help of an ethical fashion app. The result will impact animals, people, and the planet.

You can see ethical choice labels in Bing search.

Bing’s Price History Annotation Update:

Users can see Price History annotation on Bing search results.

Here is an example of price history annotation on a shopping search.

Bing’s Price History Annotation Update: eAskme
Bing’s Price History Annotation Update: eAskme

This example displays the change in the price to ensure that you are not paying more than expected.

If you see the price is high or fluctuating, you can hold the purchase for the right time.

We all love to save money. Bing is using the same idea to power up its search results and trying to improve its search market share.


I like the idea of seeing coupon codes, price history, and ethical labels in search results.

It saves time and ensures you do not miss the opportunity to save money when shopping online.

What do you think about the Bing shopping search update?

Have you ever used Bing search?

Do share your thoughts with us.

Stay tuned with us for more Bing and other search updates.

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Microsoft Windows 11: How to Download and Upgrade From Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free!

Microsoft has released Windows 11 now.

It means that users can upgrade their compatible desktops and laptops to Windows 11.

Microsoft Released Windows 11 How to Upgrade from Windows 10  to Windows 11 for free: eAskme
Microsoft Released Windows 11: How to Upgrade From Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free?

Windows 11:

It is free to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

All you need is to make sure that your desktop or laptop is compatible with Windows 11.

What are the Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows 11?


Your device must have a 1GHz or faster process with two or more cores. In addition, it should be a compatible 64-bit processor.


Atleast 4 GB RAM


Minimum 64 GB storage

System Firmware:

Your system should be Secure boot capable.


You pc must have TPM 2.0 enabled.

Graphics card:

Must be compatible with DirectX 12 or later editions.


It must have a 720p display.


You must have an internet connection and a Microsoft account.

Your Laptop or desktop must be running on Windows 10.

How to Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free?

To upgrade your Laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you need to check the Windows Update feature on your device.

If your computer meets the requirements, then you will see Windows 11 available for the free upgrade.

  1. You can also download Microsoft Windows 11 with a download assistant. This feature is similar to windows 10.
  2. You can even download tools to create a boot-able USB device for windows 11. It is an easy way to get fresh Windows 11.
  3. You also have the option to download Windows 11 ISO file and burn the file on DVD.

You can visit this page to download Windows11.

On Windows11 Download page, you will see:

  • Windows 11 Installation Assistant
  • Create Windows 11 Installation Media
  • Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)

Windows 11 comes with a lot many features that you may not have seen in Windows 10.

How to Check if Your Laptop/Computer is Compatible for Windows 11 or not?

To check for compatibility, you need to download PC Health Check App from here.

Install the app and click on “Check now.”

Upgrade to Windows 11 is Ready: eAskme

It will analyze your system and tell you if your laptop or computer is compatible with Windows 11 installation or not.

What if your Laptop is Compatible to Upgrade to Windows 11, and you do not see Windows 11 update feature or notification in Windows Update.

Run all the pending updates from the “Windows Update” section in such a case.

After completing the important updates, you will start seeing the notification to upgrade to Windows 11.

What do you think?

Have you installed Windows 11?

Feel free to ask your questions via comments.

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Google Removing Support for Internet Explorer 11

The era of the Internet explorer is long lost. Now, Google is also hammering Internet explorer 11 by ending support.

According to Google, It is the time to move to the world’s user-friendly and updated web browsers.

Google Ended Support for Internet Explorer 11: eAskme
Google Ended Support for Internet Explorer 11: eAskme

So if you are still using Internet Explorer 11, you should know that Google search is no longer there. You can use Bing search instead.

Google’s software engineer Malte Ubl tweeted it as a piece of good news for the developer community.

When we say that Google is ending support for Internet Explorer 11, it doesn’t mean that users cannot access Google on internet explorer 11.

But, it means that Google is removing itself from the default search engine option.

Also, Google will display basic results only.

It also means that many other Google features will not work on Internet Explorer 11 anymore.

This is not good news because 1.32% of people still use Internet Explorer 11 from their desktop computers.

But we know brands think about business, and business comes from where most of the population goes.

Google has done every calculation before deciding to end their support for IE 11.

Even WordPress has dropped support for Internet Explorer 11 in July 2021.

This may not impact Microsoft as a brand is moving ahead from IE 11.

So, the current IE users will have to move to other browser options.

The best for them is to use Microsoft Edge Browser.


We are seeing the end of an era of Internet Explorer browsers. And IE 11 is the last of them.

People now have better and improved browser options like Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome browser, etc.

These browsers are advanced, offer easy access and a user-friendly interface.

There is nothing wrong with moving to a new browser that offers you a better user experience and saves you a lot of time.

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Microsoft Advertising Launched Open Beta for Credit Card Ads

Microsoft has announced the launch of Credit Card ads for advertisers.

Now advertisers from the USA and Canada can use Credit Card ads.

Microsoft Advertising Launches Open Beta for Credit Card Ads: eAskme
Microsoft Advertising Launches Open Beta for Credit Card Ads: eAskme

What Are the Microsoft Credit Card Ads?

Credit card ads are Dynamically generated ads. These are feed-based ads, and one cannot use keywords or content to create ads.

Feeds will have details like signup bonuses, card issuer, annual fees, rewards, and cashback percentages to create credit card ads.

Microsoft wants advertisers to add as many details as possible in feeds to create Credit Card ads.

Where will Credit Card Ads Display?

You can find Credit Card ads on the right side of BING search results with text ads.

Advertisers cannot use keywords, but there are few queries that Credit card ads can display, such as credit level, category, etc.

You should also check the disclaimer as it is a must to show disclaimer in credit card ads.

Credit Card ads auction system is different than text ads.

Advertisers can use both text ads and credit card ads.

Beginning of Credit Card Ads:

Microsoft said that the combination of text ads and credit card ads has increased conversion and decreased CPA.

Advertiser with Credit card ads has seen 46% conversion rate with 70% low CPA.

Starting with Credit Card Ads:

Use this link or visit Microsoft Advertising rep to enroll for Credit Card ads.

The advertiser should provide feed to create Credit Card Ads. The feed should have images and contextual keywords.

Microsoft Recommends that advertisers should use feed schedule.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more.

Microsoft Windows 11 leaked online. And it has happened a few days before the Microsoft windows event.

Microsoft was set to announce the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 on June 24th, 2021.

Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme
Microsoft Windows 11 Download Leaked Online: New Start Menu, UI, Settings and more: eAskme

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But Windows 11 leaked online, and people are already using it.

Now, I am explaining and answering every question that you may have about Windows 11.

What is Windows 11:

Microsoft Windows 11 is the next Windows operating system after Windows 10.

It is an upgraded version of Windows 10x that never came into the market.

Remember: Microsoft has not launched Windows 11 officially till now. And we cannot tell if the leaked windows 11 is a beta or testing stage window.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 11 officially in October 2021.

We never recommend our audience to install leaked Microsoft Windows 11 as it can damage your system.

What is new in Leaked Microsoft Windows 11:

The leaked Microsoft Windows 11 is showing some upgrades and amazing features.

Microsoft Windows 11 Start Menu:

Microsoft Windows 11 Ui and Start menu look similar to Windows 10x. You can consider windows for dual-screen devices.

The major change in Windows 11 is related to the taskbar.

You can see the taskbar sitting in the bottom centre of the screen with the menu and start button.

Pinned software, shut down button, restart button, and recent files are there. 

It seems simpler than what we use in Windows 10.

You can even move your taskbar to the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Windows 11 UI:

Microsoft Windows 11 UI is also upgraded. You will see rounded corners in File Explorer, content menu and apps.

We believe that leaked Windows 11 is a testing version, so not everything is included in that.

And, we are expecting more features in Windows 11.

There are rumors that Microsoft is bringing Windows Widgets back to Windows 11.

Windows 11 also give you a snap controls feature. It also you to snap windows quickly.

Here is how Windows 11 sound:


One big thing missing in Leaked Windows 11 is that there is no update on Windows App Store.

We already know that Microsoft is working for a long time on upgrading the App store. This shows that the leaked Windows 11 is not fully functional or feature-rich window 11.

Users should wait for the official launch of Windows 11. And, surely it will have more features, better control and better usability.

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You have questions? Share via comments.

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Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics

Microsoft has launched Clarity. A free visitor behavior analytics tool from Microsoft.

The Clarity visitor behavior analytics tool is a free tool to determine your website's user behavior without interfering with their privacy.

Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics: eAskme
Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics: eAskme

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What is Microsoft Clarity Analytics?

What is Microsoft Clarity Analytics: eAskme


Microsoft clarity is a free GDPR complaint tool to track user behavior. This user behavior analytics tool will help bloggers or webmasters to track user behavior.

It will track how users are using the website, report rage clicks, and identify improvement areas.

Microsoft Clarity Analytics Won't Slow Down Websites?

Microsoft Clarity analytics tool is a free tool. It is good to track how visitors use the website or blog to debugging information, engagement metrics, and website performance.

Microsoft Clarity will also explain how you can improve web pages pages' performance.

The best thing about Microsoft Clarity is that it won't slow down your website speed. It is optimized to work without adding additional burden to your page speed.

Microsoft Clarity Analytics comes with Privacy Features:

Microsoft Clarity respects user privacy. This analytics tool helps the publisher track user behavior without collecting privacy information.

Features of Microsoft Clarity:

Here are the three top-level features of Microsoft Clarity;

  • Heatmaps
  • Insights Dashboard
  • Session Playbacks

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap:

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps: eAskme


Similar to Google heatmap, Microsoft Clarity heatmap also tracks where the blog or website visitor has clicked. Heatmaps are essential as it shows how far the users have visited the page or blog post.

For example, if most users are clicking only at the top of the blog post, you will understand what makes them visit that part of the page and why they are leaving your blog page.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap will also introduce a scroll feature in heatmaps for mobile users.

Microsoft Clarity Insight Dashboard:

In the Clarity Insight Dashboard, you will see user behavior and performance.

Sessions Playbacks:

If you want to know where the user has moved his cursor, you need the sessions playbacks. You will also find out where the visitor has clicked, paused, and scrolled.

Sessions Playbacks: Microsoft Clarity: a Free Visitor Behavior Analytics: eAskme

In the middle section of the session timeline, you will see visited web pages and engaging elements.

You can also filter the data.

You can also check the individual sessions. Here I am sharing both sides of filters.

Microsoft Clarity Filters: eAskme

Microsoft Clarity Filters: eAskme


Microsoft Clarity is the most important SEO tool from Microsoft to track user behavior without asking for privacy information.


Official Bing Announcement Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity Signup Page

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official

Microsoft has finally decided to rebrand it’s Bing search engine as Microsoft Bing. Now Microsoft bing is available in the new logo with new colors.

Not only that, but Microsoft has also rolled out multiple changes and updates, including a new logo and color to its search engine.

Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme
Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme


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Here is the Microsoft Bing search engine screenshot, which shows the Microsoft logo and bing in favicon.

Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme


Also, below the Microsoft bing search bar displays different language options to choose from according to your interest.

At the bottom of the Microsoft Bing search page, users can see the latest news from their country.

The new logo and colors are quite engaging rather than the old dull ones.

Microsoft has always made harsh decisions when choosing the colors. This time they prefer the blue gradient effect for the Microsoft Bing search engine logo.

Microsoft has clearly stated that Microsoft directly powers not only Bing but many other products.

Some of the products are:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • InPrivate with Microsoft Edge
  • Windows taskbar Searches
  • Work search scenarios with Microsoft 365
  • Etc.

The new Microsoft Bing name results from Microsoft’s action to declare that Microsoft powers the search engine.

It will still take some time before the logo, and the new colors start displaying everywhere on social media channels and other websites.

There might be a day when Microsoft can remove bing from the web world and keep the search engine as Microsoft.

Who knows the future, but till now, you have a new updated Microsoft Bing search engine.

Go and check that. Also, let me know what do you think about Microsoft Bing Search Engine.

If you still have any question, ask me via comments.

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Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success

The skills in database administration are in high demand. The organizations and businesses require the professionals to help them perform important tasks such as data storage and management.

These individuals had to undergo a rigorous training and certification program to gain the required skills.

They had to study and pass the exams, including Microsoft 70 461.

Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success: eAskme
Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success: eAskme

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This article enables you to learn more about this test and how you can prepare to pass it.

Before we take a look at how you can prepare for this important database-related exam, we would like you to know more about it.

Let’s explore the details that will guide you during your preparation process.

Details of Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

This exam is intended for database administrators, developers, and systems engineers.

These professionals should have at least two years of experience and they should be able to demonstrate that they have the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to write queries.

View Source Here if you want to obtain the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 credential.

The other two are Microsoft 70-462 and 70-463.

The 70-461 certification exam includes 40-60 questions, and the students will be given 2 hours to answer them.

All these questions have been formatted differently.

The candidates may find different question types, including;

  • Short answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Best answer
  • Case study
  • Review screen
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Active screen
  • Build lists, and more.
These questions lead to a maximum of 1000 points. The passing score for this test is 700.

The applicants must register for $165 before they receive permission to take the exam.

Skills measured in Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

The most critical part of preparing for any IT test is getting to understand its objectives.

Microsoft 70 461 has various topics that every candidate must thoroughly study.

Here is the content to learn for this exam:

  • Creating database objects;
  • Working with data;
  • Modifying data;
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing data.

Preparation for Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

The successful database administrators have gained high-level skills in database creation and management.

These skills aren’t attainable by accident.

You need to deliberately study and practice to get them.

So, how should you prepare for this certification exam? Here’s what you should do:

1. Understand the exam objectives

The topic areas let you know what you’re most likely to be tested on. The Microsoft website has these exam details.

Ensure you go through them to guide you even in making the right choice of revision materials.

2. Get proper study resources to use

Once you understand the exam topics, the next thing you should do is find resources that will help you explore each of the objectives involved.

Study materials vary from training courses, study guides, hands-on labs to practice tests and exam dumps.

Make sure you use a variety of these prep tools in order to get the right knowledge and skills needed to pass Microsoft 70-461.

Utilizing more than one resource will ensure that you don’t leave out any important material.

Use the following tools to prepare and pass your certification test:

  • Instructor-led training course;
  • Self-paced learning;
  • Microsoft Press 70-461 study guide;
  • Self-paced labs;
  • Practice tests from PrepAway;
  • Video lectures by the PrepAway instructors.

3. Prepare a study schedule

It’s almost impossible to focus on what you’re studying unless you have a plan for it.

A study plan or schedule will guide you on what to learn and when to do it. In the plan, you should include the topics and when you intend to cover each of them.

Also, make sure that your blueprint includes the time you want to take for your studies.

This approach helps you keep distractions away so that you can focus on what really matters at the moment.

4. Evaluate your exam readiness with practice tests

The best part of the preparation process is when you’re able to check your level of readiness before you actually sit for the certification test.

When you do this, you’re going to discover the exam topics or concepts that you have yet to realize so that you can focus on improving them.

Mock tests are usually prepared in a way that enables the candidates to answer them as though they’re taking the real exam.

So, besides getting to discover your weak areas, you’ll also be at an advantage of knowing how actual Microsoft 70-461 is like.

This way, you won’t be confused when you get the actual question paper.

The PrepAway website has this type of prep resource designed for those individuals who want to know how to answer the questions and pass the exam with good grades.On this platform, you’ll find a Premium Bundle that includes video courses and a study guide.

You can take practice tests with the aid of an Exam Simulator to get the best experience.

These materials are included to give you an edge during this critical moment.

You’ll also find a free version of mock tests that you can easily download from this site.

They are available in the .ETE format.

5. Take the exam with confidence

Waiting to sit for the exam is usually an anxious moment for every candidate. It’s normal to feel this way.

However, make sure that you have studied well so that you won’t have to fear or worry too much about it.

As you know, when you lack confidence, it’s possible to forget what you’ve studied before.

Confidence is the best way to face the test even when it’s a tough one. Thus, you need it as you take Microsoft 70-461.

Read through the instructions and questions carefully. Be sure to understand each question before answering it.


Preparing for a critical aspect of your career takes commitment, courage, and focus. Also, using proper study materials is important in passing the Microsoft 70-461 exam.

Getting a high result isn’t easy but possible.

All you need to do is make sure you’ve done your bit during preparation. Succeeding in your database administration career demands your commitment through all the process.

If you do this, you’re going to reap the benefits that come with passing your test and obtaining the certificate.

NOTE: Microsoft 70-461 will retire on June 30, 2020, so manage your time to get the MCSA credential if you have already started your preparation. Good luck!

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Top Web Resources to Prepare for Microsoft 70-742 Test. How Can Exam Dumps Help You?

Networks are a core element in a business or organization. Networks assist in running business, allow efficient communication among-st staff and the management, and enable sharing resources such as hardware and software.

So having an effective network system running in a company adds a great deal of value and is considered a priceless asset.

Top Web Resources to Prepare for Microsoft 70-742 Test. How Can Exam Dumps Help You?: eAskme
Top Web Resources to Prepare for Microsoft 70-742 Test. How Can Exam Dumps Help You?: eAskme

Other people are reading:  Microsoft has Discontinued Security support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020

A successful network consists of the best collection of hardware that goes hand in hand with system software for extracting maximum functionality.

Windows Server is a group of operating systems created by Microsoft to fulfill a number of functions, like providing communication, storing data, supporting the management of the enterprise-level, and running network applications.

Windows Server 2016

This operating system was developed by Microsoft and released along with Windows 10 in 2016. It includes a lot of innovative features and is widely recognized as the cloud-ready operating system.

Employers are striving to hire professionals with up to date knowledge, and experience operating with Windows Server 2016 in order to maximize their network’s performance and ensure the smooth running of their business transactions and services.

The MCSA Windows Server 2016 qualification offered by Microsoft is a globally trusted way to validate your skills in Windows Server 2016 administration and operation.

To gain it you need to pass three exams, which are 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.

This article is devoted to the final exam on the way of getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge.

Why you should take 70-742 exam?

The Click Here to Visit Exam Labs Website Microsoft Identity with Windows Server 2016 or simply 70-742 exam is a popular test taken by professionals across the world to develop a professional profile that stands apart from the competition in the networking field.

It’s the final test you need to take to become a Microsoft certified professional.

Below is a list of ways you could benefit from taking the 70-742 by Microsoft.
  • The reputation of Microsoft. Microsoft has become globally recognized over the past few decades not just for its innovative products but also for its certification and high-quality training programs that add a great value to your professional career. Having it’s credential you can work in any part of the globe.

  • Various certification pathways after obtaining the MCSA Windows Server 2016. This badge allows you to apply for such job positions as computer systems administrator or a computer network specialist. The MCSA certification serves as a prerequisite of opting for a credential of the expert level. Having it, you can gain the MCSE Core Infrastructure certification.

  • Getting a pay hike. Having the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential you can earn annually about $74k. Still, if you go further in your career by upgrading your skills and gaining the MCSE certification, your salary increases to the number of $92k per year.

  • Flexible and comprehensive learning methods and materials available. Microsoft hosts Instructor-led training, online learning options and publishes books with the most up to date information hence the candidate is given a lot of variety to suit his/her study needs. So, the preparation for 70-742 exam wouldn’t be difficult.

Microsoft 70-742 exam details

So, the Microsoft 70-742 exam is all about identity with Windows Server 2016. This test checks your skills to install and configure, and operate AD DS, support AD CS.

You also should be proficient in working with AD FS as well complete the tasks related to Group Policy.

According to the exam content update done by Microsoft during November 2017 technologies such as PowerShell have been removed.

For further updates, it is strongly recommended that you visit the official website and refer to the latest 70-742 change document.

The successful passing on the test depends on how knowledgeable you are regarding the exam details and how you can manage your time to complete all the questions within the allocated time. So, the test consists of 40-60 questions and you will have 2 hours to cover them all.

There will be multiple question formats including MCQs, drag & drop, short answer, build list, etc.

Your performance will be graded by a score out of 1000. You are accepted to have a score of 700 in order to pass 70-742 exam.

Top web resources for 70-742

Preparation plays an essential role in passing your certification exam. Below, you’ll find certain web resources and tools that will help make your life easier.
  • One of the best online tutorial available to cover all the necessary objectives of the 70-742 exam is the 70-742 - Identity with Windows Server 2016 (MCSA) from John Academy on YouTube. It’s an educational channel that makes preparation to your IT exam easier. Simply find the one that you are sitting for and you’ll get a clear understanding of what to learn.

  • Exam-Labs - This is a great online platform that contains a collection of exam dumps for certification exams offered by the most popular vendors including Microsoft. For 70-742 exam you can practice free exam dumps or get the Premium Bundle that includes a study guide, a video course, and a premium file verified by IT experts.

  • The main benefit of Exam-Labs dumps is that these files can be simulated using the VCE Exam Simulator. This software allows you to practice questions in an interface that is identical to the one you will be facing at the actual exam. Through this, you will be able to receive instant feedback on your performance, understand your weaknesses, and most importantly familiarize yourself with the exam structure and common formats.

  • Amazon - Books are your best friends when it comes to exam preparation. Find the optional printed materials designed by IT experts that will enhance your preparation for 70-742 test. The best study guide to use is the Cert Guide for 70-742 Exam by B. Finkel. Using this book, you get access to exclusive hints and tips, as well as exam questions. In addition, you get an opportunity to revise the learned material going through quizzes after learning each chapter.

  • Microsoft website- of course, the vendor’s website is the platform that is worth using, and you should check it first of all, still, if you forgot, we simply remind you. Microsoft offers a study guide that you can get from the Microsoft Press Store. It covers all exam topics and subtopics, assisting you to make an effective study plan. From the options available on its website, you can choose from taking the instructor-led training course or online training, or you can opt for a practice test. Simply choose the option or several of them that suit you most and start your preparation process.

  • Join Forums where you can obtain the latest information regarding 70-742 exam and extract best practices through the experiences shared by past test-takers. Keeping in touch with professionals with similar interests will also motivate you to ace the exam.


Earning the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification will pave your pathway to a successful career at some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Higher salaries, better job satisfaction, and the ability to climb up the organizational ladder are some of the direct rewards you can obtain.

Some of the most popular web resources such as YouTube, Exam-Labs, Amazon offer rich content that you can utilize to make your preparation process a stress-free experience and enhance your overall performance.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

Know How to Convert OST to PST – Let’s just have a look about some fundamental points below:


Some expert developer and Forensic Team working on Database Security, Recovery and Conversion for a long time and analyzed that the IMAP email Account has a number of benefits over POP accounts (POST OFFICE PROTOCOL). IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Synchronizes every single one email on Server along with your client, benefit of this is users can easily access all emails database on many different machine or devices, IMAP download and Upload emails and email folders from Server, and in the end this is the result users sent emails stored in sent items folder when sending emails and as well IMAP allows to move and copy emails between folders and keeps all emails and folders well organized. Entire Folder Structure flagged emails, Inbox, sent, contacts and other folders can easily be accessed from server from any location wherever user wish to access.

Today’s difficulty is users have to mess up with Email Database due to various unwanted file corruption reason. Email Database created using any Client but the main task is to maintain the whole database in usable condition and keeping it as in useful condition as long as possible.

Database stays alive on Server and is also available in Server’s offline mode facility and this is known as a replica database having an .OST identification extension. OST stands to Offline storage Table and is generated or created by Microsoft Outlook application, when an email account is created with Exchange Server and Server connected to Microsoft Outlook application then OST file created on default location. Enabling the Cached Mode of Exchange with Outlook application it is created and can be accessed even without an Internet connection as the email database stored in machine with Outlook client application.

There are a lot of causes of database corruption as in:
  • Power Failure of system, and human error destroys all database while, database is in Unstable memory mode and not been saved to Stable memory.
  • Exchange Server account deletion leads to unapproachable of OST database.
  • Outlook Application’s sudden stops responding
  • Outlook programming error due to virus infection
  • File Size limitation, file corruption due to error from administrator’s end.
  • Due to some electronic digital problem with Exchange Server and Client’s platform


Utilize a most trusted third Party OST Recovery Software that performs amazing time saving Recovery of OST database. This Solution is not only repairs OST file but successfully recovers whole emails and email folders with its real email structure. As well this Software is a converter in the end with its powerful file converting feature. Yes the Conversion from OST file to PST format. 

Now to move on the way to know more about the features functionality of this Exchange OST Recovery and OST to PST Converter Tool:

All in One Click Process that is the main necessitate today while we don’t have sufficient time to spend on choosing, deciding the features, those forces to think over again to make a judgment before starting the process as generally OST files are bigger in sizes for example: 2GB to more than 100GB in size. Once you choose the option and clicked on start button you have to wait until the process finishes the recovery or you have to stop the process in middle and start the process again, this will consume the valuable time. So this Exchange OST Recovery tool is worthy.

Let’s have a look on Finest Features, Functionality, Process and Application’s File and System Support End:
It is Microsoft Windows Operating System’s friendly
Supports all Microsoft Operating Systems
Supports to Repair Exchange OST created with any Outlook version
Converts Calendar, Contacts, Deleted Email folder, Attachments and other email folders
Supports to Repair bigger Size OST files
Supports to convert OST database to PST format smoothly.
Faster OST email database Recovery
Faster OST email database Conversion to PST format.
Converted PST email database supports all Microsoft Outlook edition applications.
Free version available so that you can be sure about the strength and features honesty of premium version
Does not require Microsoft Outlook to be installed on machine
Required a minimum space of 20MB on Hard drive,
Application size is less than 5MB
Upgrade version 2.0 is available
Facilitate to automatic upgrade to newer version

Single Click Recovery, Conversion and file Preview feature benefit. So I found one of the best things is about the tool is it’s all in one single click Recovery, Conversion and Preview feature. It means within single click you will find these features start working step by step automatically.


This must have Software repairs and recovers OST Database in its actual hierarchical email folder structure. Software keeps database safe and secure, it works only on corruption issues and fixes all them for a while and lets you Convert OST email database to PST format.

  • Go to Menu bar >> Then Select Add/Browse Option:
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on Browse >> Locate Exchange Outlook.ost File to "Recover & Convert" <<

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on "View PST" button to start Exchange OST mail Recovery 

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Software start performing database analyzing and recovery process
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • “Preview” all “Repaired and Recovered Exchange OST database"
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on" PST" button in order to Convert database in .PST format and Choose the location to save the database.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on “Convert” button in order to export Exchange OST file to PST format.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

  • See the dialog box pop up telling you “File is converted SUCCESSFULLY”.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

Know how about the Free Version of Product.

Free version is available to download directly from the Website SOFTWARE IMPERIAL and you can test the Exchange OST database, whether the OST database able to recover or not. You will be amazed that there is no chance in failing of OST Recovery and OST conversion to Microsoft Outlook PST format. Software Imperial OST to PST Converter Tool is available free to try free of cost to download without requiring signup or any subscription.

Functionality of Free version of tool is same alike the Full version excepting only File save option is disabled and this is only the difference between the Free version and Premium (license) version.

Please note: There is no limit with the Free Version of software, it has no limitation…! It can be used anytime and free to use lifetime. If you want to test other files then you do not need to close the software and start again, simply click on “CLEAR” button and start testing other OST database.

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