Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official

Microsoft has finally decided to rebrand it’s Bing search engine as Microsoft Bing. Now Microsoft bing is available in the new logo with new colors.

Not only that, but Microsoft has also rolled out multiple changes and updates, including a new logo and color to its search engine.

Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme
Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme


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Here is the Microsoft Bing search engine screenshot, which shows the Microsoft logo and bing in favicon.

Bing Rebranding as Microsoft Bing and it’s Official: eAskme


Also, below the Microsoft bing search bar displays different language options to choose from according to your interest.

At the bottom of the Microsoft Bing search page, users can see the latest news from their country.

The new logo and colors are quite engaging rather than the old dull ones.

Microsoft has always made harsh decisions when choosing the colors. This time they prefer the blue gradient effect for the Microsoft Bing search engine logo.

Microsoft has clearly stated that Microsoft directly powers not only Bing but many other products.

Some of the products are:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • InPrivate with Microsoft Edge
  • Windows taskbar Searches
  • Work search scenarios with Microsoft 365
  • Etc.

The new Microsoft Bing name results from Microsoft’s action to declare that Microsoft powers the search engine.

It will still take some time before the logo, and the new colors start displaying everywhere on social media channels and other websites.

There might be a day when Microsoft can remove bing from the web world and keep the search engine as Microsoft.

Who knows the future, but till now, you have a new updated Microsoft Bing search engine.

Go and check that. Also, let me know what do you think about Microsoft Bing Search Engine.

If you still have any question, ask me via comments.

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