August 16, 2022

Google has Updated Issue Categorization in Search Console

Google has introduced an issue classification system in Search Console.

Google has successfully updated the Search Console with item classification. Now search console will show issues, pages, and item classification.

Migration completed on 15th August 2022.

Google has Updated Issue Categorization in Search Console.: eAskme
Google has Updated Issue Categorization in Search Console.: eAskme

Google worked for months to ensure that search console users pay attention to issues.

Now, You will not see group URLs in Google Search Console.

Earlier, the Google search console was showing three URL classifications such as:

  • Valid
  • Warning
  • Error.

Now you will only see Two URL classifications such as:

  • Valid
  • Invalid

In Google Search Console, Valid means your content has some critical issue, and valid means your content does not have any issue.

Google has explained how this migration will impact reports.

Google Search Console Reports Update:

Google Search Console displays errors, warnings and good status using icons and colors rather than text.


You will see the following updates in individual Search Console reports:

AMP report:

In the first table, you will see the pages with critical issues.

In the second table, you will see pages with non-critical issues.

You can view good Amp pages when you click on "View data about valid AMP pages."


You will see both "valid with Warning" and "valid" pages in Indexed status.

In the Not Indexed status, you will find excluded and Error URLs.

You can view complete data in the form of charts and tables.

Core Web Vitals:

In Core Web Vitals, you will see pages with the need for Improvement and Good Pages.

Click "View data about usable pages" to view pages with good core web vitals.

Mobile Usability:

You will see Usable and Not usable.

You can easily find pages that have issues with mobile usability. Click on "View data about usable pages" to access usable data.

Rich Result Reports:

You will see two tables displaying pages with critical issues and non-critical issues.

Click on "View data about valid items" to view usable items.

URL Inspection tool:

You will see the following:

URL is on Google:

It means that URLs do not have critical errors.

URL is on Google but has issues:

It means the URL has a critical error that can affect your page's presence on Google.

URL is not on Google:

You will find pages with errors that are not indexed on Google, such as 404 or blocked by non-index.


Google has only updated how they are displaying reports to you. 

You will not find any change in the reported data.

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