June 12, 2023

Remarketing: What is it, and What are the Types of Remarketing?

Remarketing is there to help you target audiences based on their social engagement and website activity.

Remarketing is not a new strategy.

Due to remarketing, people see unlimited ads daily.

The success of remarketing is about how you use it as a paid marketing tool to achieve the target.

Remarketing: What is it, and what are the types of remarketing?: eAskme
Remarketing: What is it, and what are the types of remarketing?: eAskme

If you are already using remarketing and have not seen any success, here are the tips that will help you target different types of users with segmentation.

In the coming days, it will become difficult for social media networks to track users, yet they must earn from their ad platforms. So, social media sites are not experimenting with new ways to reach target customers.

Let's start from the basics, as you are here to power up your remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is also known as retargeting.

Marketers use remarketing as a paid marketing strategy to run ads on different networks to reach the target users who have already visited the site or shown interest in the business, product, or services.

Marketers place social media pixels to track user behavior to make retargeting work on the business website. Pixels keep track of how many pages users have visited, which pages have gained maximum attention, etc.

Engagement-based remarketing makes it easy to understand your audience and reach those who have already engaged with your business on social media.

Here are the 8 different types of remarketing that you should use for your ad campaigns.

Remarket Price Page Visitor:

Users who visit a price page show more interest than those who have visited your homepage only.

That user may be comparing features and prices with your competitors or finding what features you are offering.

Categorizing price page visitors in relevant categories will help you create a list of audiences with higher intent.

You can then target those users with your ad campaigns.

Users with higher intent are more willing to make a purchase or perform call-to-action.

You can also create blog posts comparing different products to help your target audience find easy product comparisons.

Remarket Industry-Specific Page Visitors:

It is not accessible to market in niche-specific industries if you segment your target audience based on industry.

You may have different pages for each industry. In this case, you must create different remarketing audiences for each page.

You will have lists of people interested in one industry or another.

Now create industry-specific ads to target those audiences.

For example, You may have a blogging course page. Retarget the audience who is visiting your page.

You should also create industry-specific price pages for your audiences.

Cross-Channel remarketing:

Use remarketing segmentation for cross-channel remarketing.

Find out who has viewed your campaigns and channels and remarket to those interested in your products or services.

You can do it by using audience targeting on every platform.

Some platforms allow you to target lower-cost audiences.

You can use LinkedIn ads to target such audiences.

Remarket Cart Abandoners:

If you are in the eCommerce industry, then you know the importance of sales. You may have seen that many users add products to their cart but do not checkout.

Remarketing those users with creative ads can encourage them to make final purchases.

You can promote some offers, discounts, or cashbacks.

Offer something more than your competitors.

Remarket Previous Buyers:

You can remarket your products or services to previous buyers.

When remarketing to those who have purchased your product, the focus should be on promoting relevant products that can enhance the customer’s experience and satisfy his need.

For example, if someone has purchased Hiking shoes, he can be interested in hiking gear.

When remarketing existing buyers, make sure that your ads are not annoying.

Remarket Higher Converters:

In the B2B industry, converting the audience into a buyer takes a lot of time.

You should start by offering free guides and explainers, where people can sign up for more.

You can remarket your products to higher funnel assets and set sign-up campaigns for low funnel assets.

Remarket Video Viewers:

Video ads are prevalent. Almost all social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., use them.

YouTube is the best example where you can segment the audience according to the following:

  • Who viewed any video from your YouTube Channel?Who has viewed specific videos?
  • Viewed any video from a YouTube channel.
  • Viewed certain videos.
  • Channel interactions.

Meta allows you to segment people based on:

  • Who viewed videos for 3, 10, or more seconds?
  • Who has watched a video to a particular percentage?

LinkedIn also allows you to segment your audience based on their video view length.

People spending most of their time on your videos are more likely to sign up or download.

Remarket Page Engagers:

You may have a Facebook business page or Instagram page. Target page audience based on their engagement with Meta ads.

People who are engaging with your page are showing deep interest.

You can remarket people according to the following:

  • People who like or follow your page.
  • Everyone who has engaged with your Facebook page.
  • Anyone who has visited your FB page.
  • People who have engaged with your ads or posts.
  • People who have clicked on your Call-to-action button
  • People who have sent messages to your Facebook page.
  • People who have saved your page or posts.

You can include or exclude people based on these criteria.


Now you know the different types of remarketing on different social networks.

Understand audience segmentation and how you can use ads for remarketing.

Use an appealing message to make sure your audience converts.

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