August 20, 2022

TikTok Has Launched 3 New Shopping Ads Formats

TikTok is allowing the advertiser to run 3 types of shopping ads.

TikTok is giving priority to eCommerce.

Now, TikTok has launched 3 types of shopping ads with expanded placement options.

TikTok has Introduced 3 Types of Shopping Ads: eAskme
TikTok has Introduced 3 Types of Shopping Ads: eAskme

The 3 types of TikTok Shopping Ads are:

  • Catalog Shopping Ads
  • Live Shopping Ads
  • Video Shopping ads

Advertisers can access new shopping ad formats in the TikTok Ads manager under the “Product Sales” objective.

You can use shopping ads for advertising your ecommerce products even if you do not have an eCommerce store on TikTok.

Here is what you must know about TikTok Shopping Ads.

TikTok has Introduced 3 Types of Shopping Ads: eAskme
TikTok has Introduced 3 Types of Shopping Ads: eAskme

Video Shopping Ads:

Advertisers can create video ads for display.

You will see the existing features of dynamic showcase ads and collecting ads.

With video ads on TikTok, you can combine video creatives with your product cards using different ad variations.

You can choose a format to spread the brand message to drive consideration or use product specific to drive more sales.

The TikTok algorithm will use top converting ad combinations to optimize the performance of your ad.

TikTok will display an in-app landing page to understand user intent when a viewer taps on your ad.

Users will learn about your products or services with these landing pages and buy them.

Dynamic ads and Collection ads will still work till the end of 2022.

Catalog Listing Ads:

You can promote product catalogs with the help of Catalog listing ads on TikTok.

You do not need to create videos for catalog listing ads.

TikTok audience will know about your products or services without video ads.

Catalog listing ads will place product images in shoppable placements on TikTok.

Users can find ads on the For You page.

Live Shopping Ads:

You can promote a Live Shopping stream using live shopping ads.

With live shopping ads, the user will move from the “For you page” to your shopping event.

Live shopping ads will increase traffic to live shopping events.

Shopping ads on TikTok are under testing and will go live before the holiday season.

Who can create Shopping ads on TikTok?

To create shopping ads on TikTok, you must reach the “level one” status.

You can get this status by linking the product catalog and integrating advanced signals.

Here is the TikTok pdf guide that explains everything.

It is not necessary to use TikTok shop to run shopping ads.

Advertisers can make the audience move from TikTok to their shopping website.


TikTok has a massive user base which makes TikTok the best place for advertisers.

Advertisers can create shopping ads to reach their target audience and boost sales.

TikTok shopping ads are getting better and will get more improvements in the future.

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