March 03, 2020

How to Add Your Website Link in TikTok Bio?

By Sona Mathews
Does TikTok allow users to add website or blog link in TikTok Profile Bio? The answer is Yes.

TikTok has allowed some users to add clickable url’s to the profiles. We can hope that soon TikTok will allow every user to add a link in TikTok profile bio.

How to Add Your Website Link in TikTok Bio: eAskme
How to Add Your Website Link in TikTok Bio: eAskme

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You can find the added website link in TikTok between the grid of TikTok videos and the Follow button. By default, the Url on TikTok will look in red.

How to Add website or blog link to Your TikTok Bio:

Today, I am sharing how TikTok users can add their website or blog url to their TikTok profile.

Check if you can access this feature:

As I already mentioned, Adding a link in TikTok is not available for everyone.

Right now only a few of the TikTok users can access this feature, so the very first thing is to find out if you can access this feature.
  • To Check, first, go to your TikTok Bio.

  • Click on “Edit Bio.”

  • If you see the “Website” filed their that means you can add clickable website link on TikTok.

  • Go to Your TikTok profile page

  • Click on “Edit Profile”.

  • Type the URL of your website in the “Website” field on TikTok bio.

  • You can add a website or blog url on TikTok without https or www.

  • Now visitors can see the url of your website or blog on your TikTok profile.

Final Words:

It is easy and beneficial for business on TikTok.

Marketers, brands and businesses will use this feature to attract traffic and boost conversion.

We are expecting that TikTok will soon make this feature available worldwide.
  • Are you on TikTok?

  • What do you share on TikTok?

  • Have you added your website link on TikTok?
Do share your thoughts in comments.

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