October 27, 2022

Betting Niche Trends in 2024

The betting vertical, like everything around, is changing rapidly.

And what worked yesterday may not be relevant today.

Betting Niche Trends: eAskme
Betting Niche Trends: eAskme


Therefore, let's talk about the trends of the betting niche in online and live casinos that are relevant in 2022.


Popularization of cryptocurrencies:

Now cryptocurrency is a trend.

Its popularity will grow rapidly both in betting and gambling.

Crypto is a great opportunity to anonymize your gambling winnings.

Many bookmakers offer deposit and withdrawal of funds to crypto wallets will be at the top.

Welcome Bonuses:

There are an incredible number of new sportsbooks.

Despite the age and popularity of most of them, they fight for new players as fiercely as new offices.

Ideas for betting bonuses came from live online casinos and classic casinos.

Bookmakers are actively introducing all kinds of welcome bonuses, for example, risk-free bets.

These are the so-called win-win bets for new bettors.

If the bet turns out to be losing, the player will receive the money back.

And if his bet wins, he will receive both the bonus and the bet itself.

It makes sense to attract new players only to those bookmakers that offer these welcome bonuses, risk-free bets and other nice features for beginners.

The rise of esports:

Esports disciplines attract more and more players every year.

They break records for financial investments and cash prizes among professional gamers.

This trend is not going anywhere and will grow rapidly.

So, if you are in a betting niche, do not ignore advertising materials with online games, eSports tournaments, famous gamers and streamers.

The target audience is getting younger.

This point follows directly from the previous one.

Generation Z is skeptical about sports betting, considering the activity of bookmakers as a real scam.

But the popularization of esports and the possibility of interaction through crypto-wallets makes the so-called “zoomers” pay more and more attention to bets.

Focus on mobile traffic

Previously, webmasters, on average divided traffic between the desktop and mobile versions 50/50.

Now, this approach makes no sense, and it's time to start focusing on traffic from mobile devices.

The world around us is changing, and most people's lifestyles are becoming faster and faster.

Players are less likely to place bets from a computer and more often to do it from a smartphone while driving, at work, on a walk, and so on.

As a result of this:

  • Pay attention to push traffic.
  • Each landing page for betting offers is conveniently adapted to mobile devices.
  • Work with bookmakers with a full-fledged mobile version or a separate application.

Live broadcasts:

Live broadcasts of popular events in 2021 experienced various interruptions.

You can get on a channel that cannot withstand a large stream of viewers.

Often overpriced subscriptions to the broadcast, non-working broadcasts and dozens of other incidents.

Sports fans appreciate the opportunity to watch a live broadcast of an important sporting event.

Ideally free or modestly priced with no freezes or interruptions.

Therefore, bookmakers are working to ensure reliability.

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