November 22, 2022

Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?

The opportunity to become an owner of a Spanish property attracts more and more foreigners and many of them think of immigrating to Spain for retirement or other purposes. The region has a comfortable climate and superb beaches.

Most future house owners focus on the Mediterranean coast, which offers comfortable, inexpensive real Estate.

Still, we cannot describe the objects of real Estate in all Spanish regions in such words.

Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?: eAskme
Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?: eAskme

In Spain, there are areas of the coast where Real Estate is more expensive than in other places.

One such area is the Costa Brava, which lies in the north of the Mediterranean region of Spain and borders France.

Although the price of property in Costa Brava is two or three times higher, the location is at the top of demand options.

Real estate prices on the Costa Brava:

The real estate prices on the Costa Brava are significantly higher than in all other regions of the country.

There are two main reasons for such price differences:

  • The peculiarity of the landscape - there is no possibility of building high-rise and multi-apartment buildings,
  • The restriction on building - much of the land in the region is under protection and belongs to the national park areas.

The most expensive resort towns are Sagarro and Playa de Aro.

Buying an apartment cheaper than 300,000 - 400,000 euros in these cities is impossible.

Inexpensive real Estate on the Costa Brava (by the region's standards), you can buy in cities such as Blanes, Lloret de Mar, and Rosas.   

The peculiarities of the region:

Costa Brava from Spanish means a steep, rough coast. The region gets this name because of its frequent rocky cliffs and unspoiled landscape.

In addition to the rocky areas, the coast is rich in beautiful bays and coves, which, coupled with thick fir and pine trees, makes it unlike other areas of the Spanish Mediterranean.

The next vivid peculiarity of the coasts is the towns' heterogeneity.

You can see luxurious resorts with five-star hotels, small fishing villages nearby, port towns, and medieval castles perfectly preserved on the Costa Brava.

Towns and settlements appropriate for different styles of life:

Costa Brava has something to offer to a foreign investor, an ambitious start-upper, a young family, and a tourist.

The variety of infrastructure and pace of life in the corners of the locality allows for choosing the desired one or trying something new each time.  


The place is liked mostly by families and diving lovers.

The beautiful beaches, ancient castles, quiet streets, and cozy cafes will not leave the tourists who come with children indifferent.

Near the town are the island of Medes and many diving opportunities.


The town attracts lovers of active recreation.

Divers, yachtsmen, surfers, rafters, golfers, motorcyclists, and other athletes flock here, where there are all conditions to have fun and spend time.

Lloret de Mar:

The resort attracts partygoers and noisy young companies with discos, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

Of attractions, there is an oceanarium, water park, excursions, attractions, and hotels of all levels.


The town is a good solution for a family vacation or long holidays.

Among the attractions are the ruins of large castles, a fairly large zoo with exotic inhabitants, and an annual festival of fireworks on the beaches of Blanes.

The large Marineland amusement park is great for children and their parents to spend their leisure time.

Besides, this town is appreciated by people who want to recharge and plunge into nature and culture.

Tossa de Mar:

It is a comfortable resort village located in a picturesque bay.

This place is preferred by relaxed holidaymakers, photographers, and artists who love to participate in festivals and create sketches for their landscapes.

Real Estate in Costa Brava and how to choose it

The wide selection of property in the region impresses even the most inveterate investors and experienced businessmen

Spain-Real.Estate explores the specificities of the location and characteristics of available real Estate to provide every client with a perfect house. Constantly updated offers and accurate, in-depth information are waiting for your investigation.

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