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Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?

The opportunity to become an owner of a Spanish property attracts more and more foreigners. The region has a comfortable climate and superb beaches.

Most future house owners focus on the Mediterranean coast, which offers comfortable, inexpensive real Estate.

Still, we cannot describe the objects of real Estate in all Spanish regions in such words.

Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?: eAskme
Who Chooses Real Estate in Costa Brava for Investment and living?: eAskme

In Spain, there are areas of the coast where Real Estate is more expensive than in other places.

One such area is the Costa Brava, which lies in the north of the Mediterranean region of Spain and borders France.

Although the price of property in Costa Brava is two or three times higher, the location is at the top of demand options.

Real estate prices on the Costa Brava:

The real estate prices on the Costa Brava are significantly higher than in all other regions of the country.

There are two main reasons for such price differences:

  • The peculiarity of the landscape - there is no possibility of building high-rise and multi-apartment buildings,
  • The restriction on building - much of the land in the region is under protection and belongs to the national park areas.

The most expensive resort towns are Sagarro and Playa de Aro.

Buying an apartment cheaper than 300,000 - 400,000 euros in these cities is impossible.

Inexpensive real Estate on the Costa Brava (by the region's standards), you can buy in cities such as Blanes, Lloret de Mar, and Rosas.   

The peculiarities of the region:

Costa Brava from Spanish means a steep, rough coast. The region gets this name because of its frequent rocky cliffs and unspoiled landscape.

In addition to the rocky areas, the coast is rich in beautiful bays and coves, which, coupled with thick fir and pine trees, makes it unlike other areas of the Spanish Mediterranean.

The next vivid peculiarity of the coasts is the towns' heterogeneity.

You can see luxurious resorts with five-star hotels, small fishing villages nearby, port towns, and medieval castles perfectly preserved on the Costa Brava.

Towns and settlements appropriate for different styles of life:

Costa Brava has something to offer to a foreign investor, an ambitious start-upper, a young family, and a tourist.

The variety of infrastructure and pace of life in the corners of the locality allows for choosing the desired one or trying something new each time.  


The place is liked mostly by families and diving lovers.

The beautiful beaches, ancient castles, quiet streets, and cozy cafes will not leave the tourists who come with children indifferent.

Near the town are the island of Medes and many diving opportunities.


The town attracts lovers of active recreation.

Divers, yachtsmen, surfers, rafters, golfers, motorcyclists, and other athletes flock here, where there are all conditions to have fun and spend time.

Lloret de Mar:

The resort attracts partygoers and noisy young companies with discos, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

Of attractions, there is an oceanarium, water park, excursions, attractions, and hotels of all levels.


The town is a good solution for a family vacation or long holidays.

Among the attractions are the ruins of large castles, a fairly large zoo with exotic inhabitants, and an annual festival of fireworks on the beaches of Blanes.

The large Marineland amusement park is great for children and their parents to spend their leisure time.

Besides, this town is appreciated by people who want to recharge and plunge into nature and culture.

Tossa de Mar:

It is a comfortable resort village located in a picturesque bay.

This place is preferred by relaxed holidaymakers, photographers, and artists who love to participate in festivals and create sketches for their landscapes.

Real Estate in Costa Brava and how to choose it

The wide selection of property in the region impresses even the most inveterate investors and experienced businessmen

Spain-Real.Estate explores the specificities of the location and characteristics of available real Estate to provide every client with a perfect house. Constantly updated offers and accurate, in-depth information are waiting for your investigation.

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The 3 Things To Look For Before Buying A Property For Airbnb

Real estate investing is a very popular way to make money, especially since it's so resilient when a bad economy exists.

A great way to invest is to buy cheap properties and rent them out.

Instead of looking for tenants and dealing with leases, renting out on Airbnb is a great way to make money.

The 3 Things To Look For Before Buying A Property For Airbnb: eAskme
The 3 Things To Look For Before Buying A Property For Airbnb: eAskme

Many people are doing this instead of becoming landlords.

However, buying a property to rent out on Airbnb is not the same as buying one to rent out to long-term renters.

It takes a bit more understanding of how the system works to make money from it. When it does work, it can make a lot of money.

In this article, we will go over what it takes to invest in an Airbnb property.

1 - Pick the right location:

Location is important for any real estate investment, but the factors that make a location ideal differ for Airbnb.

It's important if you are looking at real estate in VA, for example, to pick an area with short-term renters rather than people looking to rent long-term.

The key is to look at two different types of areas. One is to buy where there are points of interest for tourists and travelers.

If the area attracts a lot of tourists, then you will be able to get lots of bookings. The other is to focus on an area where there is a good amount of business travelers to the area.

Stay away from suburbs where there is not much to attract people looking for an interesting experience as the needs of the people there are not what you are offering.

People opt to stay in an Airbnb over a hotel so treat it the way a hotel owner would and only focus on where you will get nightly or weekly bookings.

2 - Buy the right type of property:

The type of property factors highly into how often it will be booked.

This is because you have to understand the needs of the type of traveler a particular area attracts and buy the property that best suits them.

For instance, a big house will not get booked much if the area attracts backpackers doing budget travel.

On the other hand, if you have a small studio that fits their budget, it will be solidly booked all the time.

3 - Price it appropriately:

Unfortunately, you will not be making as much money as you should if you don't price your property correctly.

Pricing too low will leave money on the table since people would be willing to pay more if you let them.

Pricing it too high will result in fewer bookings because they have cheaper options.

Finding the sweet spot in price will come after researching the area properly.

Take some time to see what other owners are charging for the same property type in the area.

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How To Select The Best HOA Property Management Company?

Selecting the right HOA property management company for your community can be a frustrating and painstaking process.

Following these steps can help you determine whether a property management company like the Kuester Management Group can be a perfect fit for your community.

How To Select The Best HOA Property Management Company?: eAskme
How To Select The Best HOA Property Management Company?: eAskme

Following these steps can help ensure that the association with the right property management company will be successful for both parties in the long run.

Let’s have a look at what you need to do first.

Step 1: Identify Your Current Documentation

Start by identifying the documentation you currently have on record.

There might be some forms that you want to make more efficient.

There could be some documents that need to be organized based on specific categories.

For example, do you have all of the records of your current and past employees?

  • The right property management company will be able to file your documentation efficiently so that you can easily access it based on your discretion.
  • The management company will also categorize your documentation based on the goals you want to achieve with those documents.
  • The management company can help you streamline your documentation based on the methods you want to follow.
  • This can help your association become much more productive in the long run.

Step 2: Identify The Goals You Want To Achieve

Successfully managing third-party contracts might be a problem for particular societies.

Getting the waste disposal or recycling centre to perform productively might be a concern for other communities.

Systematically filing documentation is an area where a majority of HOAs often have difficulty.

Try to highlight key areas where you would like the property management company to focus on your HOA to function effectively.

Step 3: Performing A Preliminary Search

Select a person or group of individuals to perform a preliminary search of the property management companies in your area.

Make sure these individuals have the time and the ability to ask the right questions to the property management company.

In addition, make sure that these individuals are aware of the specific requirements that need to be met by the property management company.

These people will help improve the decision-making process for your organization.

Step 4: Investigate The Services Provided By The Property Management Company

Your community will have specific requirements that need to be met.

Find out which property management companies is the best fit for your community based on your requirements.

Do not hesitate to ask if they charge additional fees for specific services and their confidentiality policy.

Does the property management company have any certifications, accreditation, or endorsements?

Step 5: Select A Competent Organization

Do not enter into any contracts with any property management company without ensuring that they are competent in their area of expertise.

The right property management company will have certifications, endorsements, and awareness of all applicable local laws.

In addition, they will follow standard operating procedures that are well documented.

Ask them to provide you with all of their services in writing for clarification purposes before finalizing anything.

Step 6: Select An Experienced Organization

A well-renowned property management company will not always be cheap.

A property management company with a good reputation will always be much more reliable in considering a newly established organization.

An experienced organization that aligns with your goals will initially be expensive, but it will also be much more productive in the long run.

Make sure that you document everything the organization claims it will do before you make any selection.

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Key Considerations for Buying a Home Today

Owning a home invariably brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. Many of us pursue home ownership as a life goal.

The COVID-19 crisis has had mixed effects in the property market. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of buying a home this year.

Key Considerations for Buying a Home in 2020: eAskme
 Key Considerations for Buying a Home in 2020: eAskme


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Mortgage rates are lower than ever

The recession caused by COVID-19 has seen interest rates slumping across the board.

According to the World Bank, the American economy is experiencing the worst recession since World War II. As a result interest rates are lower than ever before.

Bankrate, a comparison service for financial products and services, reports that mortgage rates averaged close to 3% in August, compared to an average APR of 4% last year.

These discounted rates ease the financial burden on potential buyers, and let you purchase a house for less.

Having a good credit score

With better credit scores home buyers can get more competitive interest rates. This is especially important at a time when the pandemic has reduced the availability of affordable homes.

According to myFICO, a company that offers credit services, those with credit scores of 760 or higher can get a 30-year mortgage at a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) of just 3.301%. That translates to a monthly payment of merely $876 for a home that costs $200,000.

Buyers can easily send money online to make these payments even while living or working abroad.

Having a steady income

While your credit score is one side of the equation, a steady income is the other. To have a stable source of income and enough savings is important.

Motley Fool, a financial advisory company, recommends that buyers should have enough money saved to make a 20% down payment on the new property. This allows buyers to avoid expensive private mortgage insurance. Savings should also be able to cover 5-6 months of living expenses.

Most banks, including Bank of America and Citibank, require buyers to have this much in savings before approving a mortgage deal. Many banks also stipulate that buyers give proofs of having a regular source of income.

This gives banks the confidence that buyers have the ability to honor their monthly mortgage payments. Those with good credit scores, enough savings, and stable incomes can buy homes at some of the best rates ever.

Starter homes in short supply

The term 'starter home' refers to a buyer's first purchase of a residential property. There seems to be somewhat of a shortage of starter homes in 2020.

Motley Fool reports that in 2018 only about 21% of all homes sold in the real estate market were starter homes, compared to 23.5% in 2017.

Since then the availability of such homes has been in a steady decline. This decline is owed to reduced real estate construction activity, with fewer builders constructing new houses.

The reduced availability of starter homes produces two negative effects for prospective buyers. The first is higher housing prices. Fortune Magazine reports that the cost of single-family homes rose by nearly 6% between 2019 and 2020.

This happened because of a widening gap between the demand and supply. The demand for starter homes remained more or less constant while the supply declined.

Secondly, the consistent demand and short supply created a seller’s market. This means it is more difficult for home buyers to negotiate better prices.

Job losses and furloughs

Job losses and salary cuts have been among the most devastating economic effects of the pandemic so far. As per CNN 3.7 million Americans lost their jobs between April and July.

Many more are dealing with reduced working hours and salary cuts. One study by Thomas Reuters found that non-executive employees of 22 private and public technology companies have faced an average salary reduction of 15%.

This diminishes the ability of millions of Americans to afford a new home in 2020.

Final thoughts

The COVID-19 situation has created factors that can be either positive or negative for would-be homeowners.

A lot depends upon your circumstances, and more so, upon your preparedness. The present situation only highlights the importance of sound long term financial planning.

It is a reminder to us that opportunity favors the prepared.

About the author:
Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.

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5 Important Steps to Build Your Dream Home

Building your dream house is the dream of every single person in this world. But it will stay as the dream for the majority of the people. People do not know what to do, where to start or how to turn their dream into reality.

Most of the times, they make some house mistakes that not only cost them more money but also make them settle with the house they never dreamed about.

You always need a house that you can call home. It can be your parents’ house or the house you have built for your family. You may fed up even living in Las vegas and want to shift in your dream house with the help of moving companies las vegas.

5 Important Steps to Build Your Dream Home: eAskme
5 Important Steps to Build Your Dream Home: eAskme

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But are you delighted with what you have?

Or you want to turn it into your dream house.

If building a dream house is your goal, then these critical steps will make things quite easy for you.


What is your goal when you are building your house?

Setting goals is the first thing that will help you to achieve them. You need to find a goal which is practical and at least near to your dream house.

When settings goals you need to answer a few questions;

  • What do you want to achieve with your dream house?

  • Where you want to build it?

  • What will the cost of building your house?

  • Can you turn your dream house into reality?

  • Do you have the perfect plan or do you need a plan B?


Budget to build a dream house is most important.

Without money, you cannot buy or build a house.

Write down the total budget and then divide the budget into different things, such as cost of the plot, construction expense, labor charges, architect fees, tax, furniture and decoration, etc. Take the help of Excel to note down everything.

This will help you find out what you can achieve with your current budget.


You need to but land or plot where you can build your dream house.

Make sure that you clearly understand where you want to build it? How do you want to live? , etc.

You may want your dream house in the hills or with the serene ocean view. You should also remember that the waterfront house building cost you more than the regular house.

Practically listen to your heart, and you will find everything that can help you find the best place for building a dream house.

You can also search on property sites or take the help of local dealers.


Once you have the land, the next thing is to get the architectural design from architect and approval from local government.

After that, you need to hire labor or contractor who can build your dream house according to the design.

Planning is essential to do these things. You need to do research and find the best persons for the job.


Once you have everything in place, the next thing is to execute your plan and build the house of your dreams.

Even though the contractor and labor will do their job, still you need to keep an eye on the project to make sure that everything is on the right place and with the right space.

Even if you are building a tiny house or a penthouse, you should visit the property at least once in a week to see the progress of construction.

Now you have what you were building:

At the end of the construction, you will be ready to welcome yourself in your dream house.

It is the time to celebrate and enjoy the house you were building from quite some time or even from years in your mind.

Final Words:

Your dream house is not just about the bedroom and bathroom, but it is the place where you always wanted to be.

Your dream house is here, and you are living inside it.

If you have question or suggestion, feel free to drop in comments.

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