December 12, 2022

Electric Bikes vs. Mopeds: What are the differences?

By Sona Mathews

When stuck in a traffic jam, you must have noticed cyclists passing on the roadside who arrive faster than you.

Indeed, you also want this kind of flexibility for your daily travel.

Well, you can achieve it with an electric bike or a moped.

Electric Bikes vs. Mopeds: What are the differences: eAskme
Electric Bikes vs. Mopeds: What are the differences: eAskme

With these vehicles, you can take maximum advantage of trails and shortcuts to reach your destination.
Also, you don’t need to spend the gas and parking fees.

Electric and moped bike are similar, as they both have a motor that helps propel them.

But there are a lot of other differences as well. This post will discuss the differences between electric bikes and mopeds.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is a lightweight open vehicle that has a motor.

This motor uses electricity and gives power when the ride starts pedaling.

Several types of electric bikes have smaller engines and more powerful electric motors.

Electric bikes come with the most unique and flexible features among other two-wheeled vehicles.
Electric bikes are highly convenient for personal transportation.

For its maximum convenience, the electric bike industry will continue to expand in the upcoming years.

In the United States, electric bikes encourage people to ride. Therefore the sale of e-bikes is increasing every year.

What is a Moped?

The moped is a specific type of vehicle that seems similar to scooters due to its structural similarities.

In mopeds, ‘mo’ stands for motor, and ‘ped’ stands for the pedal.

It is a relatively light vehicle with an engine and foot platform for the rider.

Mopeds usually come in two variants; electric mopeds and traditional mopeds.

Differences Between Electric Bikes and Mopeds:

Electric and moped bikes have several outstanding characteristics individually.

However, let’s examine the main differences between electric and moped bikes.


If you consider accessibility, electric bikes provide more accessibility in comparison with mopeds.

As e-bikes work like standard bikes, riders can enter most parks and motor-restricted areas.
Also, you can use e-bikes to travel around the city and town.

Also, it lets you do some off-road traveling on the off-bike lanes.

Mopeds, on the other hand, are limited as they only can travel on regular roads.

It can’t be parked in the bicycle parking areas.

Market Availability:

When it comes to market availability, you will find a massive range of second-hand mopeds available in the market.

These bikes are more affordable than electric bikes.

On the other hand, electric bikes have been popular for a few years.

You can’t get every model available at all times.


Electric bikes are a greener alternative to gas-powered moped bikes.

E-bikes don’t contain any harmful fumes or greenhouse gas.

Riding Experience:

An electric bike gives a similar experience to a standard motorcycle with far less fatigue, while mopeds provide a similar experience as motorbikes.

Operating Licenses:

You need a license and a registration to ride mopeds in the United States.

But to ride an electric bike, you don’t need any license, insurance, or registration in most states.

However, in some states, e-bikes are treated like mopeds.


Electric bikes and mopeds require average maintenance costs if you consider the maintenance.

But if you compare the maintenance costs, e-bikes will cost less for maintenance than mopeds.

Compared with standard mopeds, the maintenance cost is higher for electric mopeds.

What will be the Best- an Electric Bike or a Moped?

The fundamental difference between e-bikes and mopeds is that mopeds are gas-powered, and e-bikes run on an electrical current.

Both electric bikes and moped bikes are well worth consideration.

However, mopeds have been very popular among travelers for a long time as they have been available in the market for a long time, whether electric bikes combine state-of-the-art technology with greener technology and provide lots of excitement to the riders.
Still, make your ultimate choice according to your preference.

Also, consider which vehicle you are getting more benefits for your lifestyle and needs.

Whatever you choose, you will be careful about nature and the environment.

You can go through the points mentioned and make a wise decision.

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