June 11, 2019

5 Things You Can Sell Online in Less Than 10 Minutes

Do you need some extra cash in the next ten minutes?

Then you’re in luck!

We’ve pinpointed five items you can sell online that have very fast turnarounds, so you can list, sell, and collect in a very short amount of time.

5 Things You Can Sell Online in Less Than 10 Minutes: eAskme
5 Things You Can Sell Online in Less Than 10 Minutes: eAskme

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These five things are in high demand, and so should catch a buyer within minutes of posting them. Keep reading to learn the five items you can sell online in less than ten minutes.

1. Old Textbooks

Textbooks are always in demand.

Those old textbooks gathering dust on your shelves can be turned into cash in no time at all with online buyback sites.

The best places to sell textbooks aren’t the campus bookstores, but rather the online stores where you can sell your books in minutes.

Sites like Chegg offer great rates for textbooks, dependent on the condition of the books.

You’ll have to mail your books to the warehouse, but most of the buyback sites provide you with printable postage that you can affix to any box.

Within minutes, you’ll get an offer for your textbooks based on their condition and demand.

Some books become outdated quickly once a new edition is released, which is why it's important to sell your textbooks as quickly as possible after the semester ends.

The longer you wait, the less likely it is that your particular book will be in demand.

2. Cell Phones

Everyone has a smartphone these days, or at least a large percentage of the population.

Cell phones are always in demand, as they get dropped, cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged and need to be replaced ASAP.

Cell phones (if in good condition) generally go quickly in online marketplaces. If you’re offering newer models, you’re much more likely to attract a serious buyer than with older, outdated models.

But never fear, even those outdated models have a market of their own, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer to attract the right buyer.

Be sure to include all of the details of your phone in your listing, especially what carrier the phone supports.

There are unlocked phones which can be used with any carrier, and there are carrier-specific phones that will only work with certain SIM cards.

Be sure to list this information so there’s no confusion or frustration from the buyer during the sale.

3. Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card that you were never going to use? Selling gift cards is actually quite profitable.

As long as you didn’t pay for the gift card, you’re turning a 100% profit on any gift cards that you sell.

Generally, you’ll be selling the gift card for less than its worth; otherwise, there is no reason for a buyer to want to purchase it.

Five or ten dollars below the card’s value will still generate a profit while ensuring interest in your listing.

If you’re part of any social media groups that are related to the card you’re selling, this can be the perfect place to share your listing.

Be sure to check the group rules, however, as some groups do not allow buy and sell posts and you’ll be kicked or the post will be deleted.

You’ll probably want to offer to sell the card to someone you know first, especially if it’s a gift card for their favorite restaurant or retailer.

You’ll have a higher chance of success when you sell to someone you know would want that particular gift card.

4. Baby Items

Used baby items such as clothes, furniture, or feeding supplies can sell quickly in online marketplaces.

Luckily, baby supplies will always be in demand, so you should have no trouble selling your old items for a decent profit.

As with any used items, the price you can list them for will depend on their condition.

Clothes should be in good condition and unsoiled, and any furniture should have minimal damage and all pieces or hardware still attached.

Be sure to include the brand name that you’re selling, as higher-end brands will fetch greater prices than their generic counterparts.

Even some cribs and other baby furniture can be worth a surprising amount in used condition.

5. Instruments

Are you an avid musician?

Have you collected quite a few instruments in your music-making days?

Instruments have decent resale value, especially higher-end guitars or orchestra instruments like violins.

Instruments in good condition can usually fetch a good percentage of their original value, but don’t expect to sell them for the full retail value once you’ve owned them.

Most of the time, you’ll be selling to either a collector looking for a great addition to their collection, or a beginner looking for a decently priced instrument to being their foray into the music world.

It’s important to be fair and honest with your pricing and judgment of the condition of your instruments, as there are many tools available online to compare prices.


Making money online is simpler than ever with online marketplaces and social media.

You’d be amazed at just how many household items can be sold online rather quickly, turning that troublesome clutter into extra cash in no time.

Be sure to list the condition, asking price, and any name brands of your items, and be open and honest with any questions buyers may have.

An honest sale is much more profitable than a dishonest one.

If you have any question, Feel free to ask via comments.

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