December 01, 2022

Twitter Recommended Tweets are Available in Your Feed

Twitter displays recommended Tweets in a Twitter feed. You will see these tweets even if you are not following those accounts.

Recommended Tweets will display in your feed until you switch to “Latest Tweets.”

Twitter’s recommended tweet feature is available worldwide. It means every Twitter user will see recommended tweets in their accounts.

Twitter Recommended Tweets are Available in Your Feed: eAskme
 Twitter Recommended Tweets are Available in Your Feed: eAskme

Twitter Recommended Tweets are Available in Your Feed:

According to Twitter, they want to ensure that the best content will have better reach. This is the reason why recommendations are expanded to all users.

Twitter has also explained how Tweet recommendations work.

Twitter’s algorithm selects Tweet recommendations from the account that you are not following.

By recommending tweets from accounts you have yet to follow, Twitter wants to give you more content that you may find interesting and want to follow.

With this update, Twitter users already seeing recommended tweets will not see any significant change.

But, if you are one of those who have yet to see tweet recommendations earlier, then you will experience a new way to discover exciting tweets.

Twitter users have reported that they see recommended tweets in the notification tab. Some reports show up to 30% of recommended tweets displayed in the feed.

If you do not want to see recommended tweets, you must switch to “Latest Tweets.” There is no other way to turn off recommended tweets.

Even Elon Musk criticized “Recommended tweets.” He said that chronological feed is the best.

Twitter’s expansion of recommended tweets shows that they have improved the algorithm.

Twitter allows you to customize recommendations by clicking on the “…” icon next to tweets.

You can either mute the account or select “Not interested in this tweet.”

Although it is a troublesome solution, you must continue every account and tweet as you may want to stop recommended tweets. Muting multiple accounts or multiple tweets is a challenging way to do it.


Recommendations are a familiar thing for social media platforms. Twitter users are experiencing it for the first time.

The only issue one may face is too many recommendations in the feed and no way to turn off recommendations.

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