February 13, 2023

Four Things to Consider When Looking for an Online Bookmaker that Offers High Odds

Everyone who wants to bet on sports is interested in using an online bookmaker that offers all kinds of options.

Some people only pay attention to sports and bonuses, but others rely on professional reviews to learn more about everything.

Of course, you can always use an odds comparison site such as Nostrabet to get a fairly good idea of what to expect when using the given brand.

The company's professional analysis helps sports betting fans find what they want.

Four Things to Consider When Looking for an Online Bookmaker that Offers High Odds: eAskme
Four Things to Consider When Looking for an Online Bookmaker that Offers High Odds: eAskme

People must be aware of many things regarding the odds offered by a given online bookmaker.

Of course, it will be hard to include everything in one article, but there are certain things that everyone needs to be aware of, so let's go through them.

1. Most bookies use different margins, which explains the difference in the odds:

If you've ever wondered why some online bookmakers will offer much better odds for specific sports and events than others, it is because of the margins they use.

The latter is a formula the bookies use to ensure they win a certain % from each bet.

The iGaming operators that want to win more have higher margins, which means that the odds are not that good.

With that said, you can also find many online bookies with low margins, meaning that people can find way more attractive odds.

Some will offer those things without limitations, but there might be some exceptions. For example, some bookies may provide better odds to customers who deposit more money.

2. Some bookies will reserve their higher odds for specific sports that they want to popularize:

One of the big differences between online bookmakers and land-based sports betting operators is the number of sports each offer.

The best brands in the business have more than 50 options, including things like eSports and computer simulation that they call virtual sports.

Some operators even allow people to punt on elections or the Grammy awards.

With that said, certain sports attract way more customers than others.

For example, tennis and soccer are the leading options in almost every country, which explains why most people who use these platforms like wagering on these kinds of sports.

Some bookies are happy to focus on only a couple of options, but others want to popularize specific sports so that they can stand out.

Consequently, they often provide better odds for them and may even include special promotions.

Interestingly, some online bookmakers will offer the boosted odds in the form of a bonus that people have to activate and use before they start betting.

Therefore, learning more about the Terms and Conditions before you start wagering is important.

3. There are different kinds of odds formats:

Whether you're looking for an online bookmaker with the best odds or more interested in something else, remember that you will likely have access to at least a couple of odds formats.

That's because most online sports betting platforms operate in many countries and want to adhere to as many clients as possible.

When discussing odds and formats, we have to start with Decimal, the most popular alternative in most European countries.

The decimal odds are easy to understand because you have to multiply the amount you wager with the odds to see what you get.

Although Decimal is ap popular odds format in most European countries, people often use other alternatives, such as Fractional and American.

The latter is most popular in the States, but you can find them in other parts of the world, such as certain Asian countries.

Fractional is the 2nd-largest odds format found on online bookmakers, especially those that focus on the UK.

However, this format is also popular in countries like India, Canada, etc.

Aside from the big 3, people often have access to special kinds of formats for some Asian countries, such as Malaysia or Hong Kong.

In other words, the available options depend entirely on the bookmaker.

4. Bonuses will affect the odds:

As mentioned, some online bookmakers might offer higher odds for specific sports they want to popularize.

That's one of the reasons why you can often find attractive options for things like eSports, table tennis, and other sports.

With that said, users may also have access to better odds if they decide to start using a given bonus.

Even though not all iGaming operators offer their client's such proposals, some will provide different variations, depending on the sport.

What is interesting about those bonuses is that they will only work if you decide to wager on a specific sports event.

This is because bookies usually choose some of the most popular upcoming matches from various sports.

With that said, there might be even more limitations, such as the markets you have to bet on.

As a result, some sites will let you use this bonus only if you're willing to wager on some markets that aren't as popular as others.


There is no arguing that finding an online bookmaker that offers good odds is essential.

However, you must remember that this is just one thing that makes an online sports betting platform worth it.

In addition, you must look for all sorts of other things, including markets, mobile apps, security features, contact options, and more.

Naturally, examining all those things takes time, which is a luxury that only some have.

However, unless you're willing to complete this process, you will have problems in the long run.

You can find all kinds of online bookmakers that only look good on paper, but once you start betting, you realize they're full of problems.

You don't want to deposit money into such a site, so review everything beforehand.

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