February 18, 2023

How to Quickly Sell a Car: 6 Practical Tips?

One car can wait months for its buyer.

Another, of the same year of manufacture and in a similar technical condition, is taken away quickly, almost without bargaining.

What's the secret?

Today we will give you some tips.

After selling a car, you often need to go somewhere, but you have not yet bought a new car.

This is where car rental companies come to your rescue.

How to Quickly Sell a Car: 6 Practical Tips?: eAskme
How to Quickly Sell a Car: 6 Practical Tips?: eAskme


Renting a car is very convenient because, for a small fee, you get a rented car at your disposal.

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1. Clean and smell good:

It's nice when the car looks well-groomed – you involuntarily begin to believe that it has always been carefully watched.

Therefore, the first step is a full wash with a vacuum cleaner and polishing.

It is worth washing the engine, too – it will look neat, and the embarrassing drips of oil and antifreeze will disappear for a while. Just be extremely careful with the electrics – the motor, after washing, should not only get prettier but also start.

The plastic needs to be freshened up and polished. Strongly spoils the impression of dirt in hard-to-reach places.

We wind a rag soaked with a cleaner on a screwdriver and go through the buttons, gaps, and recesses.

And be sure to remove greasy stains and dust from devices and displays. In unopened cases, car chemistry copes with the "smoky" interior – from tobacco odor neutralizers to banal ones.

In pre-sale preparation, it is important not to overdo it. The buyer should get the feeling that the car has always looked good.

2. Old accessories – in the trash:

We changed the wiped rugs and linings on the pedals.

Many consider this a cheap trick and in vain. We demonstrate respect for the buyer; he will appreciate it.

But it is better not to touch the steering wheel: pulling it is difficult and expensive.

It is enough to clean it well and ensure the bagel does not stick to your hands.

3. Checking under the hood:

Oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, antifreeze - their level on the dipsticks and in the tanks should be normal.

Customers often take out the dipstick.

After all, by the condition of the oil, you can determine whether the oil has been changed regularly, as well as get additional information about the engine's health.

It makes sense to tell which brand you prefer, how often you change, and why.

A person will feel the car already a little "his."

4. No memory of the previous owner:

Many deals failed because of last year's receipts, checks, and dried "wet" wipes in the glove compartment.

By the way, boxes of spare parts in the trunk can also scare away. The car should look "free."

5. A pleasant surprise:

But equipping a car for sale with a set of a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, and other useful little things (for example, a tow rope) is a good idea.

A nice bonus for purchase is the best marketing ploy.

6. About the repair – honestly:

The buyer will surely notice if you straightened the hood or changed the fender, for example, by the difference in color (the color difference is often present) or by using a paintwork thickness gauge.

Therefore, it is better to warn immediately and simultaneously share the experience of how you managed to lose, say, a side window.

Storytelling – in other words, the ability to "talk your teeth" with an interesting tale – is a popular sales technique.


Following our advice will make your car more attractive to the buyer.

So you can get more money from the sale, and the chances of the sale will increase many times.

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