March 30, 2023

Cryptocurrencies: a Big Deal for Small Businesses

Cryptocurrencies are almost chiefly known for their association with individual investors who put capital towards transactions and then add cryptocurrencies to their digital wallets.

However, as the market developed over the years and entered the world of mainstream finances more and more, analysts have seen the potential for crypto and the system powering it, the blockchain, for development across businesses and industries.

Cryptocurrencies: a Big Deal for Small Businesses: eAskme
Cryptocurrencies: a Big Deal for Small Businesses: eAskme

Well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, have therefore begun to host transactions from institutional investors looking to buy Bitcoin.

As the technology develops, analysts believe that digital money will become increasingly critical for businesses, and the blockchain will be used on an ever-growing scale.

It already shows potential within applications such as supply chains, quality control procedures, and audits, as well as in combating fraud and speeding up the employment process.

Enabling transactions:

The blockchain is, first and foremost, associated with cryptocurrencies.

While the technology was proposed long before the advent of the digital assets market, it has become well-known among the general public after digital money entered the scene.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the primary use case of technology within the business sphere is to power transactions.

The main advantage of using Bitcoin, the first crypto to hit the markets and the blueprint for all the altcoins that followed it, is that it is incredibly accessible.

Setting up an account and having it verified doesn’t take long, and you can start your first transaction right away.

Transactions are more rapid, taking far less time than those performed traditionally.

Because BTC is fully decentralized, it doesn’t depend on third-party or external entities. This means that only the parties involved in the transaction have a say in how or when it occurs.

Since a business requires efficiency to progress, you naturally want all the processes within your company to be as swift as possible.

Cryptocurrencies allow you to do that faster than banks or other institutions.

Moreover, since Bitcoin isn’t attached to any country or region, there’s no concern over the transaction meeting hurdles and blunders due to geolocation, time zone differences, or unfavorable political conditions.

Options for customers:

An increasing number of businesses and enterprises are beginning to use digital money as a valid payment option for their customers, alongside cash, credit, debit, and check.

Since 2020, the demand for ecommerce has raised exponentially, and shoppers have begun to gravitate toward online markets to the detriment of brick-and-mortar stores.

This is good news for crypto since digital currencies are primarily internet-based.

While Bitcoin can be converted into digital currency and used as such, the primary goal for Bitcoin was to create a currency that can be used in the same way as regular fiat money and which could power daily transactions the same way as dollars or pounds.

Including cryptocurrencies in the payment options for well-known brands can lead to more extensive adoption as the general public notices that digital money can also be used for practical purposes.

Moreover, it allows traders to find a way to spend their Bitcoin on something tangible, which can be pretty rewarding after performing a complicated transaction.

Fighting the competition:

The business market is steadily becoming more competitive, and keeping up is challenging.

Small businesses have a difficult task ahead of them, as large corporations have far more resources, meaning their marketing campaigns can become more potent and vibrant.

They also have the means to keep up with customer demands, creating new products that buyers want to see on the shelves.

Later, if these products don’t perform as well as expected among clients, larger businesses don’t have to worry about losing capital and stagnating their progress.

For this reason, having tools at your disposal is essential to help your business stay afloat regardless of the competition you face.

Offering the option of crypto payments will set you aside from others occupying the same business niche as you.

While credit cards are still the most convenient payment option, some associated problems exist.

Bitcoin allows transactions to proceed much faster due to the decentralized nature of the system.

None of the obstacles present in traditional methods, such as reviews or transaction approvals, which can lag the payment process, are problematic when it comes to Bitcoin. There are also no credit clearances.

So, using BTC for business payments doesn’t only mean you can attract traders and investors wanting to spend their Bitcoins buying from you.

It also helps streamline your financial processes and avoid the troubles of slower payment processing.

Additional considerations:

Bitcoin isn’t just a means for currency but also a decentralized system.

Since it is a network, it has many potential advantages for businesses, and all that matters is how you choose to use them. Some of these tools include:

Safe storage:

Since Bitcoin is a chiefly digital-based currency, storing funds can only be done online. This makes the process safer theoretically. However, there’s a catch.

The higher safety of Bitcoin storage solutions only works if you take the necessary measures to protect your keys accordingly.


This is another advantage of the online character of Bitcoin.

Since all transactions benefit from backup, their risk of losing important data or substantial amounts of money is reduced.

Fewer errors:

Mistakes are, unfortunately, a familiar thing in businesses.

They can sneak their way in unexpectedly, and, depending on how serious or not they are, they can be quite challenging to solve. Using cryptocurrencies makes it more difficult for miscalculations to find their way into the system and cause issues.

Using cryptocurrencies can come with a plethora of advantages for your business.

It helps streamline processes, making everything speedier and more efficient, leaving you sufficient time to deal with other aspects of your company.

However, you must do your research before joining this world, as being unprepared can cause you to make easily-avoidable mistakes.  

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