March 09, 2023

Google Upgraded Desktop Google Search Design: Must Know This!

By Sona Mathews

Google has started displaying site names, favicons, and logos of websites in Google searches.
Google updated the desktop search design in March 2023.

With this change, you can easily identify ads and organic search results in Google search.
You can now also see each ad's “Sponsored” label in Google search results.

Google Upgraded Desktop Google Search Design: eAskme
Google Upgraded Desktop Google Search Design: eAskme


We already noticed these changes a few days ago, but on 9th March 2023, Google officially released a tweet that a new design is now available for users worldwide.

What is the New Google Search Desktop Design?

You will see favicons and site names in the new Google search design. If you are not using a favicon, then Google search results display a globe sign as a favicon.

This update is the next step to what you have seen in Google mobile search design.

With this change, Google expects to improve user experience by clearly marking the organic results and the ads.

You can use the site name in Google desktop search to let the user know which pages are associated with your website.

Google will automatically adjust the shape and size of the favicon to make it visible to the users.
The New Google search design is visible to all search results, including ads.

How Google is labeling ads?

Rather then only displays a “Sponsored” label on the ad section; Google tags each ad with a “sponsored label.”

Users can easily know where the sponsored ads end and where organic results are displayed.

By distinguishing ads from organic search, Google ensures that only interesting people will click on ads. This will also reduce the chance of mistakes in ad clicks.

You can also see the “Sponsored” label in mobile search ads.

How to Add Your Site Name to Google Search?

Google will automatically pick your site name based on the search results and content preferences.
You cannot manually change your site name in search results.

But you can use structured data to tell Google the exact name of your website.

Ensure your site name is different from the page title links. URL should be unique.

Google will use your site name to display the best result to the visitor.


Google is known for testing and updating its system to make it more user-friendly. The new Google search design is the next step to improving user experience.

Now you will visually find the difference between each ad and organic result in Google search.
With an accurate site name, your organic result will have targeted traffic.

New updates also push you to use structured data to help Google find the relevancy of the page and site name.

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