March 06, 2023

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles are AI-Powered: How to Use them?

LinkedIn’s collaborative articles will use AI-powered prompts to display deep content insight and knowledge.

With this LinkedIn is trying to add 10 billion years of knowledge to the platform.

AI is becoming part of major tech giants, and LinkedIn will not be left behind.

LinkedIn Collaborative articles use AI-powered prompts to add insight and knowledge to different topics.

LinkedIn plans to boost networking and knowledge sharing with collaborative articles on its portal.

You can use collaborative articles to build the brand and produce insightful content for your target audience.

Here is what you must know about collaborative articles on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles are AI-Powered: eAskme
LinkedIn Collaborative Articles are AI-Powered: eAskme

LinkedIn collaborative Articles:

What are LinkedIn collaborative articles?

Collaborative Articles on LinkedIn are the articles published by LinkedIn with added perspective and deep content insight for the LinkedIn community.

Collaborative articles are powered by AI conversation developed by the LinkedIn content editorial team.

LinkedIn will use AI-powered topics to write and publish relevant articles for its audience. These topics will be based on insight, user behavior, and content preferences.

LinkedIn also uses Skill Graph. It will match the article with relevant content experts who can contribute their expert advice to the articles.

You can add your perspective to these articles by clicking “Add your perspective.”

Add Perspective to LinkedIn Collaborative Articles: eAskme

Why are LinkedIn Collaborative Articles Important for Marketers?

With Collaborative Articles, marketers can get up-to-date information from experts and developers.
You can also add your input to collaborative articles and display your knowledge or skills.

Readers can give reactions to these articles. These content articles will display to your LinkedIn network and followers.

“Community Top Voice badge” will be awarded to top contributors whose insight is rated useful by readers.

This will push other content contributors to spend time adding their valuable insight to collaborative articles.

LinkedIn can also use these articles to find content spammers.

LinkedIn has not announced if reactions can impact the visibility of collaborative articles.


Collaborative articles on LinkedIn will become the collaborative effort of experts, developers, content creators, and marketers to add more insight and make the content authoritative.

Industry experts will also review collaborative articles to display their skills and expertise.

Contributing valuable insight to collaborative articles on LinkedIn will boost your chances of growing your network and number of followers.

With new collaborative articles, LinkedIn targets users who can add more value to the platform by sharing their skills. And tons of desperate industry experts are willing to share their knowledge on LinkedIn.

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