May 06, 2023

Is RankBrain a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

Have you ever considered RanBrain a search ranking factor? Do you want to know if RankBrain affects your organic ranking?

RankBrain technology shows how Google displays search results. But is it a ranking factor?

If you do not know RankBrain, you may not understand the answer.

Most newbie SEOs think that RankBrain is a ranking factor or that every Google algorithm works as a ranking factor.

Today, you will learn What RankBrain is? And if RankBrain is a ranking factor or not?

Is RankBrain a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is RankBrain a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

Claim: RankBrain is a Google Ranking Factor

RankBrain technology impacts the search results that Google display for different queries.

Because it impacts how Google displays search results, many SEOs consider RankBrain a ranking factor.

Even if you are new to the SEO industry, you will also believe that RankBrain is working as a ranking signal.

But this is where things get interesting.

RankBrain does not work in the way you may think it is.

Let’s find out what RankBrain does and when it helps Google to improve search results.

RankBrain is a Google ranking Factor:

RankBrain is a technology powered by artificial intelligence launched in 2015. It helps Google to answer queries that were never searched before.

In 2016, Wired published an article claiming that Google is unclear about how RankBrain helps it serve different queries.

The major difference you see between RanBrain and other Google algorithms is that RankBrain learns how to answer complex queries.

RankBrain also fixes issues with existing Google algorithms. It is said that RankBrain collects user data based on search interactions rather than user interactions with the page.

Now, RankBrain is a machine learning system that helps search engine giants deliver better search results.

RankBrain also understands long-tail keywords and unknown queries.

Conclusion: RankBrain Work as a Google Search Ranking Factor

Google engineer Jeff Dean has clearly said that RankBrain is a part of every query and search result.

Google Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev has published a YouTube Video confirming that RankBrain is among the 3 most important Google ranking factors.

RankBrain works differently than other Google ranking factors.

You should optimize your content for long tail keywords and ambiguous keywords to rank better with RankBrain.

The focus of your content should be user, and you can easily optimize it for RankBrain.

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