November 22, 2021

Is Dwell Time a Google Ranking Factor on Not?

What is Dwell time? Is it a Google Ranking Factor or not?

If you want the answer to these questions, then you should read the complete article.

Let’s start with the basic question.

Dwell Time: Is It A Google Ranking Factor on Not?: eAskme
Dwell Time: Is It A Google Ranking Factor on Not?: eAskme

What is the Dwell Time?

Dwell Time is the time duration that visitors spend between clicking the link to visit the page and returning to search engine.

In simple words, Dwell time start when you click the link to visit the page and it keeps counting the Time as long as you will not leave the page to go back to search engine.

It is an effective way to find out if user is satisfied with the page or needs more information. Therefore, it is a valuable metric for user satisfaction.

But is Google considering Dwell time as a ranking factor?

Let’s find out today from Google and SEO experts.

Claim: Dwell Time is a Ranking Factor in Google Search

You must know that Bing is the first to use Dwell time, not Google.

In 2011, Bing started talking about dwell time and how they use it for ranking factor.

Experts also believe that dwell time is a Google ranking factor.

It means that a longer dwell time should improve search ranking.

Studies show that experts focus on dwell time to improve the effectiveness of the content.

But you cannot completely trust anything as long as Google officially do not talk about it.

Evidence: Dwell Time is a Ranking Factor

Google has denied dwell time as a ranking factor.

Gary Illyes has said that dwell time, CTR etc. are just made-up stories.

Google has denied any claim that shows dwell Time as a ranking factor.

But it does not mean that you should not work on improving dwell time.

As it shows the user satisfaction on your page.

Dwell Time is a Ranking Factor: What We Believe

Dwell Time is not a Google ranking factor.

Google is more focused on other user satisfaction metrics than dwell time.

Rather than just focusing on dwell time, experts focus more on Bounce Rate, CTR, etc., in Google Analytics report.

You can use this report to find out how effective and user friendly your website is.

You cannot control dwell time, but you should improve user engagement by creating valuable, useful, practical, emotional, and engaging content.

Add creative visuals like infographics, videos, images, etc.


How users engage with your website does not affect your Google search ranking.

Read every study with a critical eye to find the intent. Focus on user engagement.

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