January 04, 2022

Is Keyword Stemming a Google Ranking Factor or not?

Is Keyword Stemming beneficial to improve search engine ranking? Why do some people believe in Keyword stemming as a ranking factor? What is the reality? Let’s find out today.

Keyword stemming is used based on the belief that Google understands the different Keyword versions.

For example, if user type blog, Google also understand if the result will show blog, blogging, blogger, make money blogging etc.

Is Keyword Stemming a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme
Is Keyword Stemming a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme

Keyword stemming is the use of keywords with different suffixes and prefixes.

It is believed that Keyword Stemming is helpful in search ranking.

It is time to dig deeper and reveal the truth if the Keyword stemming is good for search ranking or not.

Claim: Keyword Stemming is a Google Search Ranking factor

Some articles claim the keyword stuffing as helpful for getting a better ranking in SERP.

Here stemming means using different suffixes and prefixes of the same Keyword. For example, it means that the keyword publisher is changing prefixes and suffixes without changing the keyword.

According to the claim, Keyword stemming is helpful as the publisher can add more variation to the Keyword and avoid keyword stuffing.

Evidence: keyword Stemming is a Ranking Factor

In 2003, Google update talked about Keyword stemming.

In December 2003, WebMasterforum published a post using the word Stemming.

It shows that in 2003 stemming was an effective strategy.

But what about now.

Now Google works better than 2003.

Google can easily identify stems.

Conclusion: Keyword Stemming is Not a Ranking factor

Google algorithm is better at finding related words or keywords in the article. They can easily identify keyword modifications.

Ranking will not change based on the fact that you are using different keyword stems.

It is natural to use synonyms, LSI keywords, long-tail keywords etc.’ when writing a thorough article.

You cannot manipulate search ranking just by using Keyword stemming strategy. It can even hurt your ranking.

The best strategy is to write content in a natural tone.

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