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Where to hire Academic Writing Specialist - Best tips from Skillhub

Writing is at an all-time low. People write less daily than they used to. They do not have a good vocabulary—the inappropriate use of language results from not reading complex texts or texts.

With the rise of the internet, people have begun paying professionals to write academic texts for them.

It is a good investment for many since they save plenty of stress, and the amount charged for an academic paper is not drastic.

So do not struggle with academic writing if you do not have to; hire our academic writers at Skilhub for a high-quality product to guarantee success.

What is Academic Writing, and What Does an Academic Writing Specialist Do?

Where to hire Academic Writing Specialist - Best tips from Skillhub: eAskme
Where to hire Academic Writing Specialist - Best tips from Skillhub: eAskme

It is a type of writing that expresses information, research, and ideas across the academic community. There are two types:

  • Scholarly writing, which is used in schools. Whether it is used in high school or university, it doesn't matter.
  • Expert academic writing serves a different purpose. The contents of this type of writing are intended for publication. The text can be published in journals, articles, etc.

Professional writers use their language knowledge to research, conceptualize, edit, and write different works.

The works could be poems, articles, manuscripts, resumes, etc. They are found in different genres and sectors in the writing world.

How to Decide Which Professional Academic Specialist Is Best?

Many individuals market themselves on the internet as professional writers. Making a shortlist of the best offered isn't easy. Some criteria for shortlisting specialists are:

  • You should check how they fit with the goal you are pursuing. Someone can have a great resume of accomplishments, but they might not suit you best. Try to find someone who understands the proper diction, terminology, and phrases for the paper's purpose.
  • Your potential hire needs experience. Look up and check out the person's previous work. If you like the work done previously, this should indicate that this is the right person to hire.
  • Always check for reviews from people that worked with the writer before. Some people might abuse the power of review by writing negative reviews for everything. However, those are usually in the minority; reviews are a great way to predict whether someone is an option for hire.


People's Struggles with Academic Writing:

Some people went to Reddit to express their struggles with creating academic texts.

The user feels he has a limited vocabulary and often comes across as disorganized or incoherent.

They mention that reading more books could be a solution.

It is also said that the university materials to read and analyze texts in incomprehensible jargon.

Advice Received:

  • They shouldn't worry about vocabulary. Quality texts must include simple and to-the-point language. Simple texts ensure the reader has no trouble reading and understanding the content.
  • Start writing more and try to co-author. Take some of your free time to practice composing texts. Also, try to find someone experienced whom you can learn from and help them write something.

Tips on How to Become an Expert in Writing:

Unfortunately for the Reddit user, he doesn't know of Skillhub yet. Here are some content writing tips from us:

  • Create an exciting headline. Like a book, the cover can sell a book almost 100% of the time. Create an attention-grabbing title that answers what a possible client wants to know.
  • Make a straight-to-the-point introduction. A lot of people start something and don't finish it. Create something that will hook the reader into the topic.
  • Know which audience you are targeting. You should know the demographics of the audience you are trying to sell the article to. As well as all the audience's interests, wants and needs.
  • Focus on one point. Try focusing on only one idea to avoid confusing the reader.
  • Engage yourself. Provide relevant information. Be authentic in the article, don't copy someone else.
  • The author must neatly do the outline. There has to be a specific flow and structure to the article.
  • Don't only paraphrase. Include tips, tricks, stats, examples, and other people's experiences to make the article fun.
  • Create your style. Make a unique style that you will be known for. It could be a unique structure of the text, language, or anything else; just ensure it's authentic.

Potential Difficulties:

  • Confidence in your writing. Many people face the issue of trusting themselves to create a high-quality end product. They might worry that the words need to be fancier or the structure needs to be more organized. Everything takes time and practice; if you put in enough time, your confidence in yourself will increase gradually.
  • Some may feel that they are not good enough if they hire a professional to develop content for the text. Paying someone to do something for you may come across as not trying hard enough or a weakness to some people. But in the end, why suffer if you need a professional capable of making something great?
  • Knowing that the product they paid for is suitable. The chances are if you are paying a professional, you don't necessarily specialize in the subject as much as the paid professional. Unknowingness can make you vulnerable to scams since you might not know the end product is terrible.

Resumes are also a form of academic writing; hire a professional at Skillhub to ease your worries.


Who do I hire?

Analyze your possible candidates. Shortlist them based on your wants, needs, fit, reviews, references, experiences, and accomplishments.

After creating your rankings based on these criteria, consider price and availability.

All of the previous steps should lead you to your favorite candidates.

Is Skillhub a good platform for hiring professionals?

According to the top resume reviews - websites with lists of the best professional writing services near you, we are.

If the website isn't enough, you should check out our customer reviews, which show almost nothing but positivity.

What is the process for hiring academic writers through Skillhub?

First, post a job on Skillhub, leave instructions, and wait for offers. After that, the applicants start piling up, offering their services.

View their profiles, experience, and skills. Once you have found your professional, all that's left is the payment.

You can pay when the project is completed directly through the platform.

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