November 11, 2022

How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?

Essay writing might not be something a lot of students love to do.

Written college assignments sometimes feel like a chore.

How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?: eAskme
How Essay Writing Skills Can Aid Your Future Career?: eAskme

However, this is an important exercise that prepares one for a future career.

In this guide, you'll learn how these skills can serve you in the long run.

Writing Builds Essential Skills:

In many cases, students might think essays are just annoying tasks that bring little value.

Sometimes it is hard to see how something like that can be applied in real life.

Yet, it offers an opportunity to develop and grow a specific skill set.

For instance, WritePaper writers have shared their opinion on that.

It is a professional academic writing service that helps students with all college papers, from essays to case studies.

Expert authors offer writing, editing, and proofreading help on the shortest notice.

So students that need more time or confidence in their skills can count on professional assistance and guidance anytime.

This type of work requires advanced skills and deep knowledge of the field.

Based on first-hand experience, writers shared the list of competencies essay writing helps build, namely:

  • Research;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Communication;
  • Persuasion;
  • Creativity;
  • A structured approach to sharing ideas;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Ability to base opinion on facts and data;
  • General verbal intelligence.

And those competencies are necessary for almost any job, whether you are looking into a writing career or not.

Whether you are aiming to become a game developer, nurse, or marketing manager, you will need them in some way.

How Essay Writing Can Aid Your Career?

Getting a Job:

When looking for a job, writing is usually the one thing that ensures a good first impression on a recruiter.

It all starts with a resume and cover letter.

Recruiters often spend 10-20 seconds scamming through the application.

And it is crucial to stand out and grab their attention.

Crafting a winning resume takes a lot of skill and effort.

One must focus on the essential factors, keywords, and the posting itself.

It has to be structured, precise, and impressive.

This is what essay writing can teach one indirectly.

It is all about gathering information, understanding the prompt, and laying out the argument logically.

One can analyze the job posting, see what competencies the employer is looking for, and cater to those in a cover letter or resume.

Communication in the Workplace:

In the modern world, the majority of communication is written.

Even if you are a web developer, chances are you are going to exchange a lot of ideas in some of these forms:

  • Emails;
  • Texts;
  • Memorandums;
  • Presentations;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Proposals, etc.

They all require precision, attention to detail, and focus on the reader.

Many issues appear from miscommunications and the inability to formulate the prompt or idea.

Here is where college essays come in handy.

They teach to understand the target audience and formulate the main idea of a text (thesis statement).

After that, one must cohesively uncover it and present supporting arguments or evidence to persuade, inform or compare.

Quality Networking:

The ability to present your ideas clearly, as well as excellent grammar, represents your professionalism.

They also add to the company's reputation.

This is a perfect opportunity to maximize your potential and showcase your strengths.

Imagine you receive a proposal with a lot of errors and grammar mistakes.

Would you trust such a person to represent your interests or do your project?

It isn't definite.

Lack of communication skills and attention to detail can damage one's reputation.

But with excellence comes quality networking.

You get to impress potential clients, partners, and end customers. This is important to grow as a professional and achieve your career goals.

It can also help increase sales, attract new vendors, or become a valuable part of the company.

Formal Tone:

Another essential feature essays can teach is formal tone and courtesy.

They are necessary for business communication. It is considered respectful hence any specialist needs to master it.

Sure, some industries might rely less on formal tone.

But it is an excellent competency to obtain nevertheless.

This is particularly helpful to lawyers, entrepreneurs, government officials, medical professionals, marketers, etc.

Fact-Checking and Research:

Almost any college essay relies on quality research.

One must build a strong case with a background understanding of the context and strong arguments.

This skill is also crucial for your future career.

Fact-checking can make or break the deal. It ensures credibility, trust, and clear communication.

For instance, one might need research experience to:

  • Look up potential clients or partners to address them accordingly;
  • Prepare proposals based on relevant data;
  • Write reports and work with data analysis;
  • Analyze and forecast market trends in the respected field;
  • The third party gave fact-check information.

Essay research is essential to develop these competencies.

It teaches the ability to quickly find relevant data, analyze its quality and relevancy, and apply it to the subject matter.

Overall, it is a great advantage to approach all sources from a critical point of view, even if you use this competency, not in a directly professional way but personal life.

It ensures an educated approach to essential decisions such as investing, healthcare, or politics.

Higher Salary:

Summing up, good writing leads to higher salaries and professional growth.

When you present your ideas clearly and persuasively, they are more likely to be considered.

Many great suggestions can be dismissed just because they must be presented better.

If you cannot explain it and cohesively, the partners, vendors, or colleagues won't understand it. This is just one example of how essential good communication is.

Professionals that are good with words are more likely to get promotions or be assigned essential projects.

So while essays might not seem like a big deal at college, they impact the future career significantly.

Overall Well-Being:

Writing is used not only in a place of work. It can be a hobby or a stress-relieving technique.

For instance, journaling is beneficial for mental health.

Several studies prove that it helps reduce stress, clear thought, and even overcome traumatic experiences.

Journaling or free writing is a powerful way to uncover your strengths and hidden feelings.

It leads to a better understanding of yourself and, as a result, higher emotional intelligence.

No wonder it is widely used in therapy.

And a person that feels more content and stress-resilient are likely to perform better at work.

It is an inter-connective relationship between one's well-being and success.


Some students might feel they need to be more excited about essays in college.

It is understandable, as such assignments might take a lot of time and effort to complete.

But they are essential to overall intelligence and personal growth.

They are also crucial for a future career as they help build essential skills and competencies.

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